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P-6 Logo Responsibili-Tee T-Shirt

classic navy
Color: classic navy
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Made from 4.8 plastic bottles and .26 pounds of fabric scrap, this 100% recycled t-shirt saves 63 gallons of water compared to a regular cotton t-shirt.

  • 50% Recycled Cotton, 50% Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester
  • Standard Fit
  • Crew
Product Features
  • bluesign® Approved
  • Fair Trade Certified Sewing
Screen Print Inks
  • PVC and Phthalate-Free
Taped Shoulder Seams
  • For Comfort and Fit Retention
Product Features

bluesign® Approved - Patagonia has worked with the independent bluesign standard since 2000 to evaluate and reduce resource consumption and to screen raw materials, including dyes and finishes used in Patagonia's supply chain.

bluesign technologies, based in Switzerland, audits the energy, water and chemical usage of its members and helps them achieve continuous, long-term environmental improvement.

Fair Trade Certified Sewing - For every Fair Trade Certified item produced for Patagonia, they pay a community-development premium. The money goes into an account controlled by the cooperative of farmers or association of factory workers who decide how best to use it. The funds are designated for social, economic and environmental development projects. For example, cotton farmers may choose to use the money for agricultural improvements, rainwater catchment systems or to build a school or a health clinic. Workers in Fair Trade factories may invest in healthcare for their children, bicycles for easier transit to and from work or a cash bonus.

All workers in the factories and farms that make Fair Trade Certified clothing benefit from the funds, whether they work directly on Patagonia products or not.

Material Explanation

Recycled Cotton - Too often, the life of a cotton garment, whether it's conventional or organic, ends at the landfill. Growing, spinning and weaving leads to cutting and construction and that leads to consumer use which eventually can lead to the dump. Many companies recycle cotton by saving useable cotton scraps swept from the floors of factories. This cutting-room scrap is then spun into fully functional fabrics. Basically, the leftovers from 16 virgin cotton shirts can be turned into one reclaimed cotton shirt.

Recycled Polyester - Approximately 31% of plastic bottles produced in the United States are made from a material called PolyEthylene Terephtalate, "PET" or "PETE." Usually clear or green, the plastic is mostly used for consumer goods such as soda bottles and food jars, but once recycled and processed, it has a wide variety of eco-friendly applications. While recycling is not the end-all, be-all solution for ridding the world of the plastic bag beast, it is a sustainable path for plastic products and takes less energy to produce than traditional polyester.


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