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Cloud Skateboard Wheels

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white/blue (78a)
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The Cloud wheels from Ricta are super bouncy and fast, making even the roughest of surfaces feel like smooth warehouse floors. Modern shaped and not too heavy or bulky. Perfect for filming and cruising around town.

  • Set of 4 Wheels
Wheel Profile
  • Medium
  • Smooth
78a, except for:
  • white/red (86a): 86a
Wheel Profile

Medium - Your classic wheel shape, versatile all-around wheel for street/park skating.


Smooth - Smooth wheels come with a shiny coating on the riding surface that feels grippy at first, but wears away quickly.

Diameter (mm):52.0 53.0 54.0 56.0 60.0
Width (mm):31.8 34.0 34.0 34.5 43.0
Contact Patch (mm):19.4 20.5 18.36 21.5 32.0
Suggested Riser Size (in):N/A N/A N/A 1/8 1/8 - 1/4
Overall Rating
Reviewed by 91 customers

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good for what they are for
by brenton
Posted on 1/13/2020
Ricta Cloud Skateboard Wheels
i have a 52mm set in 78a, a 54mm set in 92a and a 56mm set in 86a. they are good to carry along with a set of harder wheels the same size. the 86a is best overall for riding around on the street in my opinion. the 92a feel quite a bit harder but still offer some dampening if you don't want to carry two sets of wheels. i have read some blogs about these wheels where the general consensus was to go for the 60mm. i would just like to point out that the wheel options in the 60mm range are vast. if i were just picking a 60mm 78a wheel for street cruising i would probably pick a different one. If I wanted a set of soft wheels the same size as my hard wheels to swap out if needed, these are those wheels. If I wanted to ride soft cruiser wheels sometimes, but wanted to retain the look of a classic skateboard wheels, these are those wheels. if you were looking for just a soft cruiser wheel in the 60mm range, there are lots of other choices. overall, these are really quality urethane at a really reasonable price.
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Rollin Rollin Rollin
by Bryan
Posted on 11/26/2019
Ricta Cloud Skateboard Wheels
Bought these on for my 8.25 deck with indy trucks and swiss bearings and holy smokes, I'm hauling ass to work. they handle small rocks and cracks really well. I use mine primarily for commuting to my van pool and I am generally just Ollieing up and down curbs and maybe a shuv it or two but I am really glad I picked these up, probably wont switch anytime soon.
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by Brian Daniels in Glendale, CA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 11/4/2019
Ricta Cloud Skateboard Wheels - white/blue (78a)
Wow, these are so smooth, fast and quiet-great for street cruising.
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OK but not good for cruiser board
by Floyd Adcock in Magnolia, TX (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 10/25/2019
Ricta Cloud Skateboard Wheels - white/blue (78a)
Bought a package deal they put these Ritca 54mm on a 10" sector nine deck they just did not seem smooth for a bigger board. I swapped with Hawg Chubby wheels and I am much happier. Might just be a size thing but at 54mm these might be better on a standard board but not for a cruiser.
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Rolls forever!!!
by Tyler
Posted on 10/3/2019
Ricta Cloud Skateboard Wheels
These wheels are so awesome with some decent bearings these wheels can literally take you down a whole street in 2 or 3 pushes.
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Perfect for Southern Roads!
by SouthernSkater in Blytheville, AR (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 7/3/2019
Ricta Cloud Skateboard Wheels - white/blue (78a)
I have lived in Southern small towns for most of my life. Most of these have bad gravel issues even on smooth pavement. These wheels roll right over and RARELY catch on pebbles and gravel. These are now my go to’s for rolling on rough surfaces and just cruising!
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Asked by Plaid Retina on 2/14/2017
I'm looking at 60mm's, but are they center set like regular wheels, or side set or offset that will add width to my trucks? (Kryptos for example add a lot of width) Thanx!
Answered by Danny M (Tactics Employee) on 2/14/2017
These wheels are center set like regular wheels.
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Asked by Ryan W on 2/2/2017
Can these wheels powerslide??
Answered by Danny M (Tactics Employee) on 2/7/2017
These wheels are quite soft and not meant to be slid, but I would imagine with enough force they would slide. However I would not recommend these wheels for doing powerslides.
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Asked by Shadow on 5/30/2016
What are they made of?
Answered by Elijah W (Tactics Employee) on 5/31/2016
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Asked by Shadow on 5/30/2016
Would these be good for a street skateboard that I would ride to school?
Answered by Elijah W (Tactics Employee) on 5/31/2016
The 78a formula will roll over almost anything on your way to school! 57mm will be even better because of its size.
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