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Salomon Super 8 Snowboard 2025

Coming Soon
Estimated availability June to August 2024

Ride Style
All Mountain
Versatile boards, ideal for riding all conditions across the entire mountain
Directional Camber with Flat
Versatile powder-oriented profile designed to float
Designed to ride in your usual stance with a longer nose than tail
Medium Stiff
Increased support and control for bigger or aggressive riders


Shred the entire mountain with confidence and precision on the Super 8 snowboard. Inspired by legendary rider Danny Dirksen's mastery of edge control, this board is built to tackle any terrain you throw at it. The Super 8's unique design combines power, carving prowess, and exceptional float. A wider profile offers stability and control, while the strategic placement of camber under your back foot delivers explosive turning capabilities for carving groomers with confidence. The Quadratic Sidecut, featuring a blend of elliptic curves, enhances the board's carving performance. This innovative design allows for smooth turn initiation and effortless edge-to-edge transitions, making quick maneuvers and navigating technical terrain a breeze. Flat sections under the front foot provide all the float you need to navigate fresh snow with ease, making it a versatile all-mountain companion that belongs in every quiver. So grab a Super 8 and experience the power, control, and float you need to conquer any mountain adventure.

Key Features
  • Backseat Camber
  • Aspen SLCT Core
  • Popster Core Profile
  • BA MD Fiberglass
  • C/FX Basalt
  • 50% Recycled Sintered Base
  • Fine Stone Finish
  • All Mountain Edge Bevel
  • Quadratic Sidecut
  • Damplifier
  • Recycled ABS
  • Natural Wax
  • 30% Bio-Based Resin


Key Features

Backseat Camber - Camber under the back foot for explosive turning capabilities, and flat segments under the front foot for freedom on pow days. The best of both worlds, without any unwanted vibration.


Aspen SLCT Core - Every single FSC certified wood strip is hand selected to ensure unparalleled core quality and lightness.

Popster Core Profile - Maximize the natural snap and powerful pop of wood with Popster's shaped core profiles. Feels like your skateboard kicktail finally connected with your snowboard kit.


BA MD Fiberglass - Medium density European-made fiberglass layers guarantee a consistent quality level, for light and lively boards.

C/FX Basalt - Composed of natural basalt and fiberglass, this exclusive fiber make up provides a powerful and smooth ride.


Fine Stone Finish - Salomon's fine stone finish is particularly efficient in Salomon's Sintered EG base, speed up in powder or softer snow conditions.


All Mountain Edge Bevel - All Mountain Edge Bevel detunes the tip and tail to a 1° edge, holding tune throughout the key parts of the sidecut, back to a 2° bevel between the feet. This delivers the most solid edge hold with no hang-ups.

Quadratic Sidecut - A blend of elliptic curves for easy turn initiation, effortless direction changes and fluid edge-to-edge transitions.

Damplifier - Cork and ABS inserts on the nose help absorb vibrations or a smoother ride at high speeds.


Width:Mid-Wide Wide Wide
Suggested Boot Size (US):11.5 & under 12 & under 13 & under
Waist Width (cm):25.8 26.0 26.4
Stance Set Back (in):.6 .6 .6
Effective Edge (cm):114.5 117.5 120.0
Tip Width (cm):30.5 30.9 31.5
Tail Width (cm):29.7 30.0 30.5