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You just landed that trick you’ve been battling and you’re finally about to roll out of it when suddenly… skirrrt… wheel-bite. If you’re getting wheel-bite often, you should pick up a set of skateboard riser pads. Risers will help to provide a little extra space between your wheels and your deck, and some of them can also reduce the vibrations that you feel in your feet.

Using risers allows you to skate larger wheels without having to worry about them rubbing on the bottom of your deck causing wheel-bite. Risers come in different sizes. The size you’ll want to use will depend on the size of your wheels. With 55-58mm wheels you can get away with 1/8th inch risers, but the bigger your wheels are the thicker the riser pad you’ll need to use. We offer a range of sizes from brands like Pig, Independent and Diamond Supply Co to keep you rolling smooth.

Some companies make what are called shock pads. These not only give you the rise you need, but also absorb some of the vibrations that you feel in your feet while skating. These rubber pads are an excellent choice if you skate on a lot of rough pavement.

Grab a set of riser pads and be sure to get the correct size hardware to go with them. If you have any questions about risers, hit up our knowledgeable customer service staff.