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Sml. Amrani Nautical OG Wide Skateboard Wheels

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white (99a)
Color: white (99a)
Size: 51mm Size Chart
Color: white (99a)
Size: 51mm
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Everyone wants flip tricks like Youness' and these wheels will get you one step closer. Perfect for hitting the streets or the park.

  • Set of 4 Wheels
Wheel Profile
  • Standard
  • Treaded
Wheel Shape
  • OG Wide
Pro Model
  • Youness Amrani
  • 99a
Wheel Profile

Standard - Your classic wheel shape, it's not built to excel in specific scenarios like a narrow or wide wheel, but it's appropriate for most situations. If you're new to skating this is where you want to start.


Treaded - Treaded wheels provide improved grip and traction on smooth surfaces.


99a - Best used in pools and parks with a little more grip than harder wheels, and a little more slide than softer wheels. Ideal for moderately skilled riders who also want to skate street when needed. Hard enough that sliding is a breeze while soft enough for a smooth roll and plenty of grip.

Most urethane skate wheels generally range from 75a-101a, the numbers increase with the hardness of the wheel.

Diameter (mm):51.0
Width (mm):32.0
Riding Surface (mm):17.0
Suggested Riser Size (in):N/A

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