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Spitfire Formula Four Lock-In Full Skateboard Wheels

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purple (99d)
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Blending locked-in grinds with versatile performance, the Spitfire Formula Four Lock-In Full Skateboard Wheels are built for all-terrain domination. Spitfire's Lock-in Full shape provides maximum grip during grinds, locking you in for precise control. Constructed with Formula Four Urethane, these wheels have a smooth riding surface with a wide profile offering speed and stability. Sold as a set of four in multiple sizes.

  • Smooth
  • Set of 4 Wheels
Wheel Profile
  • Wide
Key Features
  • Formula Four Urethane
Wheel Shape
  • Lock In Full Shape
  • 99a



Smooth - Smooth wheels come with a shiny coating on the riding surface that feels grippy at first, but wears away quickly.

Wheel Profile

Wide - More traction and stability at high speed so you'll be less likely to slip out of your line.

Key Features

Formula Four Urethane - Unmatched abrasion resistance for fewer flat spots. More controllable grip. Lasting speed no matter the terrain. Smooth anti-slick slide and a longer lasting size and shape.

Wheel Shape

Lock In Full Shape - A wider version of the Lock-In shape. Keeping the asymmetrical shape and design while featuring a conically cut outer wall and a straight edge "lock-in" cut on the inside wall.


99a - Offers more grip than harder wheels and more slide than softer wheels. Great for slick surfaces when you want more control.


Diameter (mm):54.0 55.0 57.0
Width (mm):38.0 39.2 40.2
Riding Surface (mm):25.0 26.8 27.5
Suggested Riser Size (in):N/A 1/8 1/8