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Legacy Goggles

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wiley miller/happy silver spectra + yellow lucid green lens
Color: wiley miller/happy silver spectra + yellow lucid green lens
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Frame Size
Designed for larger faces or riders who prefer oversized style
Lens Shape
Expanded field of vision with less lens distortion
Lens Swap
Quick Change
Swap your lenses on-the-go with minimum effort
Lighting Conditions
Ultimate protection, ideal for riding in full sun or high visibility conditions

The Legacy goggles bring you the lowest profile, and the widest peripheral view of any premium Spy goggle. These goggles feature Spy's game-changing Happy Lenses and Lock Steady 2.0 quick change lens system. Anti-fog and anti-scratch coating gives the lens extra protection putting your mind at ease when you're on the mountain. The Legacy is also helmet compatible and will fit over your prescription glasses with ease for a versatile fit.

Frame Features
  • Flexible PU Frame
  • Helmet Compatible
  • Locksteady 2.0 Quick Lens Change
  • Over the Glasses Compatible
  • Silicone Ribbed Strap
  • Triple Layer Isotron Face Foam
Lens Features
  • Arc Spherical Lenses
  • Happy Lens
  • Spectra Lens
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Anti-Fog Lenses
  • Anti-Scratch Coating
  • Dual Lens Construction
Bonus Lens
  • Spy Happy Yellow w/ Lucid Green Lens
Frame Features

Flexible PU Frame - No stiffies. Spy's polyurethane frames flex perfectly to match your face no matter what temperatures Jack Frost throws at you.

Helmet Compatible - Why should you be stuck fitting only a single helmet? With well thought-out strap attachments and frame shapes, Spy goggles are designed to minimize the gap between helmet and goggle and work with the most popular helmets on the market.

Locksteady 2.0 Quick Lens Change - A fast and fingerprint free lens change system, allowing you to adapt to changing light and weather conditions at the touch of a button.

Over the Glasses Compatible - These goggles are specifically designed to fit comfortably over your prescription eyewear.

Silicone Ribbed Strap - Designed to keep your goggles in place, this thin strip of silicone on the strap goes the distance.

Triple Layer Isotron Face Foam - Spy's Isotron foam is made of three different densities, each one adding to the comfort and functionality of your goggles. The topmost layer features Spy’s moisture-wicking Dri-Force fleece—super-soft and comfortable, this fleece wicks the sweat away from your face and out through the foam.

Lens Features

Arc Spherical Lenses - Spherical lenses have a consistent vertical and horizontal curve in the lens maximizing multiple fields of view. All of Spy's ARC lenses are decentered (thicker in the middle and tapering towards the edges) eliminating distortion and allowing true clarity.

Happy Lens - SPY's color and contrast enhancing Happy Lens is the only lens that maximizes the sun's "good" rays. See better. Feel better. Perform better.

If you're not satisfied with your Happy Lens, return them to SPY within 14 days of purchase for a full refund.

Spectra Lens - Fresh-dipped like a million bucks, Spectra™ mirrored lenses contain multiple layers of mirror for a look that’s as unique as it is effective against full sunshine. Let your eyes wander, Spy has you covered.

100% UV Protection - Truth is, as much as you love the sun, it's harmful to your body and eyes. Spy's entire assortment of lenses is 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protected so you can worry about your goggle tan, not your eyes.

Anti-Fog Lenses - All Spy lenses contain a super secret anti-fog formula to keep your lenses as clear as possible throughout the day.

Anti-Scratch Coating - To protect that valuable lens of yours.

Dual Lens Construction - Spy's Dual Lens Construction ensures proper climate control between the lenses and your face to keep vision clear in all conditions.

Bonus Lens

Spy Happy Yellow w/ Lucid Green Lens - VLT Rating: 53%

Excels In: Variable


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