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"Skate & Destroy" is the familiar motto of the iconic skateboarding publication, Thrasher Magazine. With its roots firmly planted in San Francisco, Thrasher has been a trailblazer in the skateboarding community for 40 years. Since its inception, the magazine has been at the forefront of producing monthly skate print publications, catering to the insatiable appetite of skateboarders worldwide.

Not just Thrasher Magazine

Thrasher goes beyond the realm of a mere publication; it stands as a living embodiment of the relentless spirit of skateboarding. Each monthly issue brims with captivating content, capturing the raw, diverse, and unapologetic essence of skate culture. The magazine's pages come alive with interviews featuring skateboardings’ best skaters and personality's, offering an authentic portal into the vibrant world of skateboarding.

Venturing beyond its print legacy, Thrasher has evolved into a versatile brand, curating a diverse line of products that extend far beyond the pages. Emblazoned with its iconic logos and unmistakable designs, the brand's collection includes T-shirts, thrasher hoodies, and more, all serving as distinct badges of honor and identification for skateboarders and fans alike. Thrasher's products have become a tangible symbol, proudly representing the shared identity and passion of the global skateboarding community.

Skateboarding and beyond

Thrasher has earned its position as the top skate mag globally, amassing a devoted cult following across the world. Thrasher unites skateboarders under a common banner, emphasizing what skateboarding truly represents - a culture that is raw, rebellious, and undeniably cool.

The Thrasher logo, an iconic symbol in skateboarding, is widely recognized and proudly displayed by skateboarders of all levels and has become a symbol of authenticity. Thrasher remains the timeless voice of skateboarding, representing the spirit of skate for decades to come. As long as skateboarding continues to roll forward, Thrasher will stand as the guiding beacon, that defines the skateboarding community.