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When it comes to skateboarding, it doesn’t get much more ‘core’ than Thrasher Magazine. Backing skateboarding 100% since 1981, Thrasher hosts King of the Road, Skate Rock Tours, and Bust or Bail events just to name a few. It is this passion and undying love for skateboarding, with some anarchy mixed in of course, that has fortified Thrasher in skateboarding history and allows the brand to continue to thrive today. Thrasher continues to inspire skateboards across the globe as one of the few original print skate mags left.

Never straying from skateboarding roots, Thrasher has grown increasingly popular with a logo that is widely recognized. In fact, take a look at any skate video today and you will see top pros sporting a Thrasher T-shirt or a Thrasher hat. But then take a cruise around your local park and you will even see beginner skate rats wearing Thrasher sweatshirts because nowadays everyone is down with the mag.