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Hollow Kingpin

Thunder Trucks Hollow Kingpin - view large
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Asked by Alx on 8/28/2019
Does it come with the nut? I’ve bought the same hollow kingpin but was missing the nut. I was told the new thunder hollow kingpins don’t come with the nut anymore..
Answered by Cody W (Tactics Employee) on 8/29/2019
This kingpin does come with a nut.
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Asked by Gabe on 8/26/2019
If I wanted to replace the kingpin in my Indy 11 would this hollow pin work?
Answered by Graig A (Tactics Employee) on 8/26/2019
Unfortunately this kingpin is made for Thunder Trucks and is not compatible with Independent Trucks. However we do sell Independent Kingpins and base plates with kingpins installed already!
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Asked by chevez on 3/3/2013
does it comes with 1 set or 2??
Answered by Daniel B (Tactics Employee) on 4/2/2013
there is only 1 king pin
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Asked by Sachiko on 1/25/2013
are these lo or high kingpins?
Answered by Tim S (Tactics Employee) on 3/29/2013
All the Kingpins are the same size, they just change the angle of the hanger to differentiate between a Hi or a Lo.
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