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Union Ankle Sawblade & Ankle Connectors Replacement Set

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Sawblade, or ladder, ankle strap connectors for when you've finally worn through the first round or to have handy in a repair kit for the mountain.

Sold as Set
  • Ankle Sawblade + Connector

How to Adjust Your Ankle Strap - High-performance, highly comfortable. This ankle strap upgrade keeps your boot secure and locked in, made to give you superior hold and stability.

1. Remove the adjustment screw on ankle strap connector

2. Slide strap for proper length

3. Make sure holes are lined up for proper adjustment

4. Be careful not to cross thread your screws!

Tightening - Due to vibrations and stress brought on while riding, your binding hardware will loosen over time. Be sure to tighten ALL hardware EVERY DAY before you ride.

Compatibility - Union Binding company's straps are compatible with all Union bindings.