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Union Falcor Snowboard Bindings 2022

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reflective silver
reflective silver
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Ride Style
Ultimate support and response for powerful ride styles
Medium Stiff
Increased response and support for riding all types of terrain
Binding Straps
Ultimate support, comfort and fit with advanced design features
4-Hole (4x2 Only) + Channel
Fits standard 4-hole (4x2 only) and The Channel® mounting systems

Designed and ridden by Travis Rice, the Falcor utilizes Carbon Forging and multi-density materials to create a lightweight and responsive all-mountain/freeride binding that's forgiving where you need flex, and responsive where you want direct connectivity. For 21/22 Union upgraded the Falcor with a thicker, more durable forged carbon spine, longer lasting magnesium S1 ratchets and brand new ankle and toe straps.

Key Features
  • OTE Fused Vaporlite Bushings
  • Non-Stick Gas Pedals
  • Minimal Base Contact = True Board Flex
  • Forged Hybrid Highbacks
  • Classic FLAD (Forward Lean Adjuster)
  • Exoframe 5.0 Ankle Straps
  • TS 4.0+ Toe Straps
  • Magnesium Ratchets
  • Size-Proportionate Fiberglass Index
  • Stage VI Duraflex CB Baseplate
  • Extruded 3D Aluminum Heelcups
  • Canted Gas Pedals
  • Universal 4x2 Channel Compatible Minidisk
  • Grade 8.8 Hardware
  • Lifetime Warranty on Baseplate and Heel Cup
Key Features

OTE Fused Vaporlite Bushings - An "industry first" that sets new standards for how a snowboard binding should function and perform. This new material utilizes an injection molding process very similar to the way plastic parts are created, making an element that is more waterproof, durable, and precise than any other EVA material on the market.

Non-Stick Gas Pedals - Fused Vaporlite Non-Stick Gas Pedals shed water and snow like nothing you've experienced before. Gone are the days of icy buildup under your boots.

Minimal Base Contact = True Board Flex - Union baseplates are designed to provide supreme strength while minimally interfering with your board's natural flex. Minimal board to binding contact means sweeter response, better board control, and improved durability.


Forged Hybrid Highbacks - By combining Forged Carbon and glass injected nylon, Union's created a highback that allows flexibility for medial-lateral rotation while preserving a direct connection for edge to edge control. Power where you need it and the freedom to ride the way you want.

Classic FLAD (Forward Lean Adjuster) - Zero out your highback lean for mellow cruising or park laps, or crank it up a notch for those high speed assaults when you need extra leverage and board control. Easy adjustment allows you to customize your highback lean on the fly.


Exoframe 5.0 Ankle Straps - The Exoframe 5.0 utilizes tri-axial progressive flex for the perfect boot to binding fit and instant power and response when you’re ready to lay down a hard charging, high speed carve. Easily adjust your ankle strap to any boot with the quick snap of the pin adjustment, no tools needed. Just like all Union ankle straps, the Exofame series comes with the safety and security of DuPont™ Hytrel®, so you never miss a day of riding.

TS 4.0+ Toe Straps - Simple, lightweight, durable - The all-new TS 4.0+ toe strap keeps you locked in for the ride down without letting you know it’s there. A new shorter buckle base helps to reduce weight and pressure points. Easily adjust to any boot with the quick snap of the pin adjustment, no tools needed.

Magnesium Ratchets - This Union exclusive process produces a material 4 times the strength of aluminum with only 1/2 the weight. Plus magnesium is easily recycled and remains the eighth most abundant element on the planet.


Size-Proportionate Fiberglass Index - Bigger riders require stiffer bindings. Union proportionally increases the fiberglass content in each size of their bindings so that any rider who straps in will have perfect support.

Stage VI Duraflex CB Baseplate - Blended with carbon fiber, the Duraflex CB is lighter and considerably more stiff than typical fiberglass injected nylon resulting in a strength to weight ratio never before achieved in a snowboard binding. Developed, used, and abused by Travis Rice.

Extruded 3D Aluminum Heelcups - A new process removes as much excess material as possible in the heelcup to reduce weight while maintaining tried and true strength. Union heelcups undergo an anodizing process reinforcing the already bombproof apparatus with another 30-percent strength. It's serious strength in a streamline package.

Canted Gas Pedals - Ideal for riders who want a wide stance and extra leverage for ollie power. Canting also allows the ankle and knee joints to be aligned, alleviating pain.

Universal 4x2 Channel Compatible Minidisk - Designed to create a minimal contact footprint for even board flex.

Compatible with any traditional 4-hole or 3-hole snowboard mounting inserts, along with Burton snowboards featuring The Channel. You can mount Union Bindings on any board you choose.

Not compatible with 4x4 or with boards featuring powder pack setback insets.

Grade 8.8 Hardware - The strongest steel available on the market - the use of Grade 8.8 represents Union's commitment of delivering the strongest and most reliable bindings on the market today. Top to bottom.

The most commonly used hardware is made from "mild steel" that has a property class of only 4.6. Considering how much stress a binding is put under, Union uses only the strongest steel (featuring a property class of 8.8) on all hardware.


Lifetime Warranty on Baseplate and Heel Cup - Covered under manufacturer lifetime guarantee against breakage of the baseplate or heelcup along with defects in materials or workmanship. This lifetime warranty DOES NOT cover broken bindings due to abuse or neglect, damage caused by any modification done outside the manufacturer's facility, or lost parts due to lack of hardware maintenance.

Highbacks, straps, ratchets and other components are covered under Union's 1 Year Warranty.

About Union

100% Ownership, 100% Focus - Union is 100% devoted to making the best bindings on the planet. From discovering new materials to CNC machining a new baseplate, everything is done in-house with zero outsourcing. Every single piece of a Union binding is completely exclusive to Union.

Men's Boot Sizes (US):8 - 10 10.5+
Overall Rating
Reviewed by 6 customers
Not the greatest but holds your foot innolace
by Matthew Creamer in Whitefish, MT (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 1/23/2021
Union Falcor Snowboard Bindings - arctic white
All I ca say is the only reason for the price of the binding is the cool high back design and Travis Rice having his name attached. If that wasn't there it is no better than any $250 binding out there. It has a nice quality feel and construction but it doesn't go anywhere near what I was expecting.
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Best binding on the market
by Seth K. in Ovid, NY (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 1/8/2020
Union Falcor Snowboard Bindings - white
A few seasons ago I put purchased the Falcor for another of my snowboards. I love the binding so much that I purchased another pair for a new snowboard this season. What love about it: 1) Soft mounting plate minimizes binding rash and provides slight canting for a more comfortable ride: 2) straps are super easy to adjust and require zero hardware to do so (I was originally concerned of the durability/reliability of the no-hardware adjustability but have had zero problems after multiple seasons with it); 3) no corners were cut relative to the material choices that make up this binding. Baseplate, highback, straps are all super high quality, durable and lightweight.
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Great bindings!
by Cheyne Austin in San Diego, CA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 3/8/2019
Union Falcor Snowboard Bindings - black
I’ve used these ona few long weekend trips now and I love them. Super light and very comfortable and easy to use and adjust via the quick adjusts. Stiff enough to handle the hard charging but flexible enough to be playful. No wonder Travis Rice uses these.
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Super simple yet strong binder.
by Michael Eckhardt in San Clemente, CA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 2/21/2019
Union Falcor Snowboard Bindings - black
Great build on these binders makes me think they'll handle anything you throw at them. Hope to enjoy them for many seasons.
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Union Falcor
by Kevin Rydosz in Cocoa Beach, FL (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 2/5/2019
Union Falcor Snowboard Bindings - black
Absolutely love everything about this binding. Worked perfectly in all conditions Norcal threw at us.
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Like a Glove
by Lance in White Salmon, WA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 2/25/2018
Union Falcor Snowboard Bindings - navy
Solid binding from union here. The ankle strap is far superior to prior years and i have yet to encounter and moments when my boots wants to fold over the ankle, like it did in older moldels. The highback is a little stiff, but very responsive. If you can find these on sale buy them! Now, if only union would do away with those stupid twist lock screw things on the strap adjustments which continuously loosen....
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