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Union Strata Snowboard Bindings 2025

15 Reviews
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Estimated availability mid June to late July 2024

Ride Style
All Mountain
Versatile, designed for riding all types of terrain
Versatile and responsive, ideal for riding all types of terrain
Binding Straps
Ultimate support, comfort and fit with advanced design features
4-Hole (4x2 Only) + Channel
Fits standard 4-hole (4x2 only) and The Channel® mounting systems


Calling all park rats, pow surfers and freestyle aficionados! The Union Strata bindings are designed to help you take your tricks and style to the next level. As Union's #1 best-selling park and freestyle binding, the Strata is a favorite for a reason. The Strata's soft and surfy flex feels like an extension of your board, allowing for maximum control and creativity during grabs, spins, and jibs. But the Strata isn't just about park performance. The shock-absorbing design makes cruising the entire mountain a comfortable experience, plus they're killer on a pow board. Feel the true flex of your snowboard come alive, allowing for a playful and effortless ride on any terrain. So grab a pair of Union Strata bindings and join the countless riders who swear by them. Experience the perfect blend of freestyle performance, comfortable versatility, and the freedom to express yourself on any feature the mountain offers.

Key Features
  • Minimal Base Contact = True Board Flex
  • Strata Duraflex ST Highback
  • Classic FLAD (Forward Lean Adjuster)
  • Forma Lab Ankle Strap
  • Hexgrip Toe Straps with Secure-Lock
  • Aluminum S2 Ratchets with Steel Base
  • Size-Proportionate Fiberglass Index
  • Stage VI Duraflex ST Baseplate
  • 3-Position Heelcup Adjustment
  • Extruded 3D Aluminum Heelcups
  • Canted Gas Pedals
  • Universal 4x2 Channel Compatible Minidisk
  • Grade 8.8 Hardware
  • Lifetime Warranty on Baseplate and Heel Cup


Key Features

Minimal Base Contact = True Board Flex - Union baseplates are designed to provide supreme strength while minimally interfering with your board's natural flex. Minimal board to binding contact means sweeter response, better board control, and improved durability.


Strata Duraflex ST Highback - The Strata Highback is light and asymmetrical, with a firmer flex on the outside for support and a softer flex on the inside so you can tweak it harder and lean into your turns with more power.

Classic FLAD (Forward Lean Adjuster) - Zero out your highback lean for mellow cruising or park laps, or crank it up a notch for those high speed assaults when you need extra leverage and board control. Easy adjustment allows you to customize your highback lean on the fly.


Forma Lab Ankle Strap - New and improved, the Forma Lab Ankle strap utilizes a minimalistic design for a lightweight and surfy feel that is highly durable and features strategically placed padding for increased comfort.

Hexgrip Toe Straps with Secure-Lock - These highly advanced toe straps are made from a thermoplastic anti-slip material to keep you locked in and on point.


Size-Proportionate Fiberglass Index - Bigger riders require stiffer bindings. Union proportionally increases the fiberglass content in each size of their bindings so that any rider who straps in will have perfect support.

Stage VI Duraflex ST Baseplate - Duraflex blended nylon is specifically designed for cold temperatures - offering unsurpassed levels of strength and longevity. A new era for nylon plastic components.

3-Position Heelcup Adjustment - Minimize any toe or heel drag by dialing in your heelcups. Simply loosen heelcup screws and slide into correct position.

Extruded 3D Aluminum Heelcups - A new process removes as much excess material as possible in the heelcup to reduce weight while maintaining tried and true strength. Union heelcups undergo an anodizing process reinforcing the already bombproof apparatus with another 30-percent strength. It's serious strength in a streamline package.

Canted Gas Pedals - Ideal for riders who want a wide stance and extra leverage for ollie power. Canting also allows the ankle and knee joints to be aligned, alleviating pain.

Universal 4x2 Channel Compatible Minidisk - Designed to create a minimal contact footprint for even board flex.

Compatible with any traditional 4-hole or 3-hole snowboard mounting inserts, along with Burton snowboards featuring The Channel. You can mount Union Bindings on any board you choose.

Not compatible with 4x4 or with boards featuring powder pack setback insets.

Grade 8.8 Hardware - The strongest steel available on the market - the use of Grade 8.8 represents Union's commitment of delivering the strongest and most reliable bindings on the market today. Top to bottom.

The most commonly used hardware is made from "mild steel" that has a property class of only 4.6. Considering how much stress a binding is put under, Union uses only the strongest steel (featuring a property class of 8.8) on all hardware.


Lifetime Warranty on Baseplate and Heel Cup - Covered under manufacturer lifetime guarantee against breakage of the baseplate or heelcup along with defects in materials or workmanship. This lifetime warranty DOES NOT cover broken bindings due to abuse or neglect, damage caused by any modification done outside the manufacturer's facility, or lost parts due to lack of hardware maintenance.

Highbacks, straps, ratchets and other components are covered under Union's 1 Year Warranty.

About Union

100% Ownership, 100% Focus - Union is 100% devoted to making the best bindings on the planet. From discovering new materials to CNC machining a new baseplate, everything is done in-house with zero outsourcing. Every single piece of a Union binding is completely exclusive to Union.


Men's Boot Sizes (US):8 - 10 10.5+


Overall Rating
Reviewed by 15 customers
Great Beginner to Intermediate park and freestyle binding
by SlashSquatch
Posted on 10/2/2023
Union Strata Snowboard Bindings
Great binding somewhere between intermediate and beginner as far as forgiving as a soft yet responsive binding. Very surfy loose feel depending on high back setting and comfortable reliable straps that endure a range of temps and still function properly. All that compound by the fact that Union in PNW with the baseplates guaranteed it’s no a brainer if you’re try to have support and send shit!!!
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Good bindings but...
by Filip Petkov in Santa Monica, CA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 5/9/2023
Union Strata Snowboard Bindings (Closeout) - team orange
Really nice all around bindings, not so great touch on the details. Mind the sharp connecting pieces, especially the back of the heel angle adj. mechanism. I have a hole on the top layer, at the back of my brand new boots, thanks to all uncovered metal parts.
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Great bindings!
by Matthew Schiavoni in piscataway, NJ (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 3/7/2023
Union Strata Snowboard Bindings - team white
Really happy with my union strata’s wonderful product ratcheting is smooth on and off can’t ask for much more
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Simply Amazing
by Dennis in ROCKLIN, CA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 1/26/2023
Union Strata Snowboard Bindings - team white
Comfortable, responsive, light. These bindings pair well with my GNU Riders Choice
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Best bindings ever?
by David Mayr
Posted on 1/24/2023
Union Strata Snowboard Bindings
There plenty stiff to go huge but soft enough for mini shred and soke up impact like no other binding and there pretty cheap. Only bindings I ride have 3 pairs hop on some!
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Great park bindings
by Nick Limber in FORKED RIVER, NJ (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 8/20/2021
Union Strata Snowboard Bindings - team red
I’ve been using these at big snow all summer, very playful and flexible with still a very sturdy base
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Asked by Kegan on 1/25/2023
Could it work on a 4:4?
Answered by Kat M (Tactics Employee) on 1/26/2023
The Strata bindings come with a Union Mini Disc which is only compatible with channel and 4x2 mounting.
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