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Union Ultra Snowboard Bindings 2025

6 Reviews
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Estimated availability mid to late July 2024

Ride Style
All Mountain
Versatile, designed for riding all types of terrain
Versatile and responsive, ideal for riding all types of terrain
Binding Straps
Ultimate support, comfort and fit with advanced design features
4-Hole (4x2 Only) + Channel
Fits standard 4-hole (4x2 only) and The Channel® mounting systems


Experience snowboarding comfort like never before with the Union Ultra binding. This isn't just a binding - it's a revolution in cushioning and flex, designed to feel like an extension of your body. Imagine floating through fresh powder with pillow-like comfort, or carving groomers with dampened shock absorption that eliminates fatigue. The Ultra's innovative design breaks the mold with a focus on unparalleled comfort, treating every component like a suspension system for your boots, constantly adapting and absorbing impact with every turn. Each material and design choice works in harmony to create a luxuriously cushioned ride that feels more like surfing on a cloud than strapping into a binding. So grab a pair of Union Ultra bindings and step into the future of snowboard binding design.

  • 865 Grams
Key Features
  • Asym Molecular Bushing
  • Minimal Base Contact = True Board Flex
  • Duraflex ST Highback
  • Forma X Ankle Strap
  • Tool-Free Ankle/Toe Strap Adjustments
  • TS 5.0 Ultragrip Toe Straps
  • Magnesium S1 Ratchets
  • Size-Proportionate Fiberglass Index
  • S11 ASYM Duraflex ST Baseplate
  • Extruded 3D Aluminum Heelcups
  • Universal 4x2 Channel Compatible Minidisk
  • Grade 8.8 Hardware
  • Lifetime Warranty on Baseplate and Heel Cup


Key Features

Asym Molecular Bushing - More durable and more cushioned than traditional thermoformed EVA, Molecular Bushings act as a suspension system between the baseplate and the boards top sheet, to help reduce vibrations from harsh snow pack. The all-new asymmetrical bushing shape allows for increased freestyle flexibility and natural inward canting while riding

Minimal Base Contact = True Board Flex - Union baseplates are designed to provide supreme strength while minimally interfering with your board's natural flex. Minimal board to binding contact means sweeter response, better board control, and improved durability.


Duraflex ST Highback - Union exclusive Duraflex material was specifically engineered to maintain consistent flex in a wide range of cold temperatures.


Forma X Ankle Strap - Exoframe exterior for instant response, padded interior for all day long foot comfort. Exoframe connector acts as a suspension system for your boots.

Tool-Free Ankle/Toe Strap Adjustments - No screwdrivers needed here. Simply flip the adjusters by hand to fine-tune your fit.

Magnesium S1 Ratchets - When you ride 100+ days a season your ratchets take a beating. Freezing temps, water damage and constant strapping and unstrapping all play a role in the longevity of a binding ratchet. Lucky for you, the all-new Magnesium 4.0 ratchets are Union’s answer to the elements. A fully integrated spring protected from the harsh outside provide you with Union’s best ratchet to date. Longer life span and better spring return guaranteed.


Size-Proportionate Fiberglass Index - Bigger riders require stiffer bindings. Union proportionally increases the fiberglass content in each size of their bindings so that any rider who straps in will have perfect support.

S11 ASYM Duraflex ST Baseplate - Asymmetrical Baseplate for increased torsional board flex. All-new Astro Washer prevents heelcup slipping. Made with Duraflex ST Nylon.

Extruded 3D Aluminum Heelcups - A new process removes as much excess material as possible in the heelcup to reduce weight while maintaining tried and true strength. Union heelcups undergo an anodizing process reinforcing the already bombproof apparatus with another 30-percent strength. It's serious strength in a streamline package.

Universal 4x2 Channel Compatible Minidisk - Designed to create a minimal contact footprint for even board flex.

Compatible with any traditional 4-hole or 3-hole snowboard mounting inserts, along with Burton snowboards featuring The Channel. You can mount Union Bindings on any board you choose.

Not compatible with 4x4 or with boards featuring powder pack setback insets.

Grade 8.8 Hardware - The strongest steel available on the market - the use of Grade 8.8 represents Union's commitment of delivering the strongest and most reliable bindings on the market today. Top to bottom.

The most commonly used hardware is made from "mild steel" that has a property class of only 4.6. Considering how much stress a binding is put under, Union uses only the strongest steel (featuring a property class of 8.8) on all hardware.


Lifetime Warranty on Baseplate and Heel Cup - Covered under manufacturer lifetime guarantee against breakage of the baseplate or heelcup along with defects in materials or workmanship. This lifetime warranty DOES NOT cover broken bindings due to abuse or neglect, damage caused by any modification done outside the manufacturer's facility, or lost parts due to lack of hardware maintenance.

Highbacks, straps, ratchets and other components are covered under Union's 1 Year Warranty.

About Union

100% Ownership, 100% Focus - Union is 100% devoted to making the best bindings on the planet. From discovering new materials to CNC machining a new baseplate, everything is done in-house with zero outsourcing. Every single piece of a Union binding is completely exclusive to Union.


Men's Boot Sizes (US):5.5 - 7.5 8 - 10 10.5 - 13


Overall Rating
Reviewed by 6 customers
Relaxed and surfy yet powerful
by Casey L. in SEATTLE, WA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 4/26/2024
Union Ultra Snowboard Bindings - hot red
These are great! I'm basically an all-mountain guy, love sidehits, steeps, and high-speed carving. I wanted to try something looser and more freestyle-oriented than the Union Atlas bindings I've been riding the last few years (and Force before that). I really like the simple clean look with no forward lean adjuster (highback angle feels just slightly less-than the 2 clicks I had on the Atlas). Adjustments were easy to move the heelcup a bit to center my foot, and center the straps over the boot. Different feel from mini-disc isn't distracting. Super easy to boot-in (a pleasant surprise) since the baseplate 'wall' of the binding is relatively low. Highback is totally solid when pushing strong into it. Straps have more flex than the Atlas/exoframe but still powerful when going to toeside, maybe just slightly less instantaneous turn initiation, but that is balanced with more tweakability and playfulness.
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by Tanner Hunter in Rohnert Park, CA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 1/8/2024
Union Ultra Snowboard Bindings (Closeout) - black/orange
I have taken a LONG break from snowoarding, just got into it again this year. Every review pointed toward Union's and I can see why. They are light, responsive, and VERY comfy and stable!
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My favorite bindings!
by Adam Tep in Riverdale, UT (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 7/17/2023
Union Ultra Snowboard Bindings (Closeout) - ultra red
Super comfortable and very versatile binding! Tactics shipped and delivered very fast and easy!
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Birthday gift
by Brandon Johnson in Japan (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 2/22/2023
Union Ultra Snowboard Bindings - aqua blue
My son loves this over the flow bindings he’s used to. This is 100 percent better in the park and all around on groomers for him. He just turned 10 and is completely stoked.
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by Alexander Jones in Pittsburgh, PA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 1/31/2023
Union Ultra Snowboard Bindings - aqua blue
These bindings keep you locked and loaded with enough twist and response to shred ANYTHING. From jumps to jibs rails and even back powder runs... these bindings can HOLD UP!
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Super Responsive and Dampens chatter.
by Brad Smith in Greensboro, NC (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 1/8/2023
Union Ultra Snowboard Bindings - black/orange
I went from Force’s to Strata’s and now the Ultra’s. These are amazing.
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