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Von Zipper Feenom NLS Goggles (Closeout)

Sale: $83.95 - $95.95 (40% off, was $139.95 - $159.95)
black satin/fire chrome lens
Color: black satin/fire chrome lens
In Stock - Qualifies For FREE U.S. Shipping
Frame Size
Standard fit with average frame width and depth
Lens Shape
Expanded field of vision with less lens distortion
Lens Swap
Lens can be changed, though not as easily as a quick change system
Lens Tech
Designed to provide good visibility in most conditions
The Von Zipper Feenom NLS goggles offer the distortion-free sight of a dual spherical lens at a price that ensures you can still make rent. The frame includes an innovative forward venting design to keep your internal climate under control and fog-free. You'll also appreciate the ultra-wide peripheral vision and triple density face foam for sweat-wicking comfort. You can read about the Feenom's awesomeness all day, just remember that wearing is believing.
Frame Size
  • Medium
Lens Shape
  • Spherical
Lens Swap
  • Standard
Lens Tech
  • Performance
Frame Features
  • Articulating Helmet Hinge
  • Dual Adjustable Silicone Lined Strap
  • Ergonomic Frame Design
  • Forward Frame and Lens Venting
  • Internal Light Damping Texture
  • Thermo-Polyurethane Frame
  • Triple Density Face Foam
Lens Features
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Glaricade Anti-Fog and Hard Coating
  • Oversized Dual Spherical Polycarbonate Lens
  • Wildlife Lens
Bonus Lens VLT
  • Von Zipper Yellow Lens
Frame Features

Dual Adjustable Silicone Lined Strap - Stops your goggles from sliding around on you.

Forward Frame and Lens Venting - For maximum airflow and minimal fog.

Internal Light Damping Texture - Reduces internal glare and reflection.

Thermo-Polyurethane Frame - This injection molded frame remains flexible even in the coldest conditions.

Triple Density Face Foam - Moisture wicking and fleece lined for a perfect fit.

Lens Features

100% UV Protection - UVA / UVB protection for the health of your eyes

Glaricade Anti-Fog and Hard Coating - Glaricade polarized technology allows light waves to enter the lens at key angles for the crucial optical clarity you need with none of the distorting glare. The interior of the lens also features a hydrophobic inner lens coating to prevent fog, along with a hard outer coating to prevent scratching.

Wildlife Lens - Energy: Wildlife lenses absorb and disperse scattered light rays to decrease eye fatigue and give your senses a boost.

Clarity: By cutting specific wavelengths in the spectral curve and utilizing premium optic grade materials, Wildlife lenses intensify visual acuity and true definition.

Experience: By eliminating UVA and HEV rays as well as filtering out infrared light, Wildlife lenses eliminate haze, enhance color and improve contrast so you can live out your wildest fantasies.

*Available only on select colors

Bonus Lens VLT

Most bonus lenses have a higher Variable Light Transmission percentage, so they're suited better for low light situations. We supply you with the specific VLT rating and the riding conditions that the bonus lens excels in. We care about tech.

Von Zipper Yellow Lens - VLT Rating: 67-73%

Excels In: Stormy/Night

Excels In
black satin/blackout lens + yellow lensSunny
massive wood stain/copper chrome lensSunny
black satin/fire chrome lensPartly Cloudy
vibrations-black gloss/satin/quasar chrome lensPartly Cloudy
white satin/fire chrome lensPartly Cloudy

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