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Free Shipping - Orders Over $60

Gullwing Shadow DLX Skateboard Trucks

$41.95 - $47.95
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Made in the USA, the manufacturing quality control is amazing. Each truck is made with fresh, non-recycled, metal to give you the longest lasting, highest quality, and strongest product possible. Grind away the days with these Shadow trucks.

Baseplate Style
  • Standard
  • Old School Deck Compatible
  • Set of 2 Trucks
  • Premium 92a Bushings
Non-Compatible Risers

Risers from the following brands are not compatible with the baseplates of these trucks.

Dooks, Loaded, Paris
Sizing Reference

Note - Every skate truck brand represents their sizing a little differently, so it's easy to get confused. Take a look at this graphic and then reference the size chart.

Size7.5 axle8.0 axle9.0 axle
Hanger (mm):122.4 136.0 161.0
Board Range (in):7.25 - 7.75 7.75 - 8.25 8.75 - 9.25
Height (mm):50.5 51.25 51.5
Weight (g):359.8 377.5 396.9