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New Balance 600 | Skate Shoe Review


Welcome back to another Tactics shoe review. This time around, we're shaking things up by teaming up with our experts, Chris and Caleb from customer service, to provide an up-close look at your favorite tech skater Tom Knox's pro model skate shoe in collaboration with New Balance – The NB Numeric 600.

Since this shoe's release in October of 2023 along with his short video from New Balance debuting the NB# 600, it has gained nearly instant popularity among skaters everywhere. But why? To delve deeper, we handed it over to the fella’s over in customer service, who put it through its paces in the basement of our Eugene shop. The burning question on everyone's mind: Does the NB# 600 skate well?

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Board Feel 

This shoe hosts a cupsole design, emphasizing comfort and support while maintaining a lightweight feel for a snug fit that caters to various foot shapes. Notably, cupsole constructions are typically stiffer and take longer to break in; however, Chris and Caleb were pleasantly surprised by its quick break-in process, requiring only about 30 minutes of skating to achieve that proper feel. Once broken in, the board feel and flick strikes the right balance of protection & responsiveness from a cupsole.


True to size, these shoes boast a slightly wider toe box that seamlessly transitions back to the middle of the foot. If you have a slightly wider foot and are in search of a wide skate shoe, these could be a viable option to consider for your next purchase.


The NB 600 has impressive impact protection. Chris's and Caleb's experience on stairs out front of the shop highlights the solid performance of the FuelCell foam midsole and OrthoLite® insoles, providing a blend of comfort & protection. After a month of skating, minor wear and tear are inevitable, but the shoes proved resilient. The construction of the Tom Knox Pro surpassed the expectations of both Chris & Caleb.Nike SB Air Max Ishod


In conclusion, the New Balance 600 Tom Knox Pro establishes itself as a top contender for those seeking a  blend of comfort, style, and durability. Both Chris and Caleb unequivocally give their approval to the Tom Knox Pro as a reliable choice for skateboarding. With the blend of construction, board feel, fit & durability, the NB 600 proves to be a standout option for skaters that we would recommend.


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