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Nike SB Air Max Ishod | Skate Shoe Review


Welcome back to another Tactics shoe review. In this edition, we're diving into the Nike SB Air Max Ishod or "Wair Max" by Ishod Wair, marking this as the second edition of his Nike SB pro-model skate shoe. (Check out his first

Boasting a cupsole construction & Air Max insole, the Air Max Ishod showcases a fusion of premium leather and suede in a mid-top silhouette with a nod to the 90's-00’s basketball style. Adorned with the expected Nike branding, the shoe also features Ishod Wair's name prominently displayed on the tongue, insole, and upper. 

Ishod Wair's name alone instills trust that this shoe should be good, but we wanted to find out for ourselves if it holds up. So, we called in Tactics team rider Dakota Mead to put these shoes through the gauntlet at Seek Skate Camp’s indoor park for 15 hours of skating over two days.

Click play or scroll down to see how they stood up to the test. 

Nike Air Max Ishod

Fit and Comfort: 

No surprises here – the Air Max Ishod fits true to size, and Dakota's size 9-foot fits just right. The lacing system is a winner; the shoes are easy to put on and take off. Despite having a slightly stiffer/thicker tongue, it doesn't get in the way; it opens up easily, and when they are on, your foot feels snug and well-supported. 

Some cool design elements heighten the tech to make it cool but also comfortable. Inside, tabs and stabilizers do their job, ensuring a proper fit without any unnecessary fuss. 


The Ishod broke in quickly. With its slightly skinnier herringbone sole and the incorporation of the Air Max airbag, Dakota felt he had no problem feeling the board once broken in.  

A solid hour of doing some flat ground should do the trick and get them to where you want; it worked for Dakota. Additionally, a well-designed toe shape strikes an ideal balance, providing a shape that's neither too blunted nor too pointed, resulting in the solid flick you expect from your skate shoes. But be aware there's a little bit of extra foxing that you have to wear down.


After 15 hours of skating, the shoes displayed minimal wear. Despite the slight peel-off in the foxing, there is an additional layer, emphasizing reinforcement in critical areas. Breaking laces and wear to venting on the side remain non-issues and are typical of any skate shoe, attesting to the shoe's overall resilience. 

Stepping up in overall foot protection and stability from its predecessor, this latest shoe features the Air Max airbag on the heel and a slimmed-up insole design that also offers solid impact protection while maintaining good board feel. Dakota, in his time skating this shoe, reported 0 heel bruises or any discomfort caused by harsh landings. 


In conclusion, the Nike SB Air Max Ishod earns high praise for its comfort, performance, and durability. Dakota strongly leans towards continuing to use this shoe in the future and that it is a shoe that can hold up to the wear of skating. Overall the Air Max Ishod strikes a sweet spot, standing as a versatile, durable, and enjoyable skate shoe that we recommend. 


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