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Nyjah Huston - That little dreadlocked kid from the X-Games in the late 2000s has grown up to be unarguably one of the best skateboarders on the planet. Over the years, Nyjah has developed quite a different style and released many signature pro-model products. We aren't here today to talk about those products. We are here to discuss the NIKE SB NYJAH 3 ZOOM AIR skate shoe. Nyjah's third model from the swoosh has adopted a whole new look from its initial form, with what we can only guess is a running shoe inspiration. Or even golf shoes? To be truthful, we have been asking ourselves, "is this a skate shoe?" Lucky for you, that is what we set out to discover. We called in our friend and Tactics team rider Dakota Mead to put this latest release through about 20 hours of skating at the NIKE SB indoor skate park to find out how this new shoe from Nyjah holds up.

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So, what's good about the Nike SB Nyjah 3?

- Overall Durability 

- Impact Support

- Lightweight

Straight out of the box, we noticed the slim, sleek, and sporty look of the Nyjah 3. It is an entirely different look than we are used to seeing in skate shoes these days, or ever? The design of this shoe looks as if it could be inspired by running and golfing, then thrown in a blender with a heavy scoop of skateboarding. Don't let the thought of your old, blown-out trainers enter your mind; these shoes actually held up to the wear and tear, were lightweight, and felt good on foot.

Our investigation found that the overall construction, material choice, and hidden tech make this shoe great. Let's start by talking about impact support because Nyjah jumps down big shit all the time. The Nyjah 3 hosts Nikes patented Zoom Air unit under the heel, paired with the honeycomb outsole on this shoe. Combining the Zoom Air Unit, vulcanized sole, and honeycomb outsole, the Nyjah 3 is designed to absorb harsh impacts and ensure you don't get a heel bruise when jumping down stair sets. 

The overall durability of this shoe is something we can't ignore. We honestly thought this shoe might blow out super quick. Let us tell you, we were WRONG. The secret to this durability lies within the material chosen for the upper, a top-secret synthetic rubber(esk) material that holds up when doing flip tricks and ollies. As Dakota stated toward the end of the review, "I'm gonna give a lot of credit to the rubber upper." He blows through his shoes as a person who does lots of flip tricks. With some surface-level scratches, a blown lace, and a bit of dirt, the Nyjah 3 remained relatively unscathed throughout the usual wear patterns.

What did we not like about the Nyjah 3?

- Plastic Heel Clips / Lace Loop

- Difficult to get into

We have to talk about the not-so-nice things we found in our review of the Nyjah 3. Like we have said repeatedly, we aren't going to sugarcoat it. First, this shoe is difficult to get into; You have got to work for it. While we give credit to the construction of this shoe, this aspect is partly due to the compact, sleek design elements. Those particular aspects of the shoe may be positive for some but contribute to our first strike against the Nyjah 3. 

Moving on, something you notice right away when holding the Nyjah is the rubber lace flaps on the shoe's exterior. While it might look sleek and sexy, it has drawbacks for practical skate use. If you rip a lace, this thing will just be flapping around, and if you rip laces like Dakota, you may find it super annoying. Could this be credited to the attempts made by Nike and Nyjah to overthink what a skate shoe has to be? Are they bringing in outside influences from sports that don't correlate with skateboarding? You be the judge? This shoe is far from what we expect and see when it comes to skate shoes, but that's not to say that there aren't traditional skate elements to this shoe. Is the Nyjah a building block to the future of skate shoes, or a one-off? The Nyjah held up, and that is something you can't argue.

What's The Verdict On The Review?

In conclusion, the Nike SB Nyjah 3's modern and minimalistic aesthetic makes it an excellent option for skaters looking for a durable shoe that is lightweight, breathable, and has the type of skating that requires good impact support. At the same time, some users may find it challenging to subscribe to the sporty look and need to put some extra effort into getting the shoe on. Additionally, the plastic heel clip that holds the laces may have some practical drawbacks. Overall, we will continually praise it for its performance and durability and recommend it to skaters looking for a shoe that can withstand the demands of skateboarding. The Nike SB Nyjah 3 is a skate shoe.



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