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Jones Snowboards Carbon Solution Splitboard 2018

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white-black base / black-white graphic
Color: white-black base / black-white graphic
Color: white-black base / black-white graphic
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Recommended Use
Powder / Freeride
Engineered to float through the deep stuff with ease
Directional Camber with Rocker
Versatile and responsive, powder-oriented profile designed to float
Designed to ride in your usual stance with a longer nose than tail
Ultimate support and control for bigger or aggressive riders
Ready to skin through the backcountry on the best of the best? New for 2018, this extremely lightweight and responsive splitboard has a limited edition, hand numbered serial badge and Carbon Construction making it extremely unique and powerful. This board features some of the most advanced technology in splitboarding history, including the Karakoram Ultra Clips to increase compression between board halves and Quick Tension Tail Clips for faster and easier skin application. Keeping the tip up when it gets deep is no longer a chore thanks to the big Blunt Nose and Directional Camber With Rocker profile that sets you back and keeps your nose floating. The TexTreme Carbon topsheet and stringers make the board intensely stiff and responsive while being 20-30% lighter than conventional carbon. A Progressive sidecut coupled with Traction Tech edges gives you maximum control and grip while speeding down the hill, all together making this competition-ready board one of the top splitboards on the market.
Key Features
  • Traction Tech
  • TexTreme Carbon
  • Ultra ISO Core
  • Carbon Construction
  • Sintered Ultra Base
  • Progressive Sidecut
  • Blunt Nose = Float
  • Fusion Tech
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Quick Tension Tail Clip
  • Karakoram Ultra Clip
  • Flip Flop Base Graphics
  • Recycled ABS
  • 1% For The Planet
  • Oversize Recycled Steel Edges
  • Supports "Protect Our Winters"
Key Features

Traction Tech - Like a serrated knife slicing into the snow, Traction Tech improves your edge grip by adding multiple contact points along the running length of your board.

“Traction Tech is a critical feature for rockered boards. Rocker improves glide in mixed conditions, but the decreased edge contact makes it harder to really lock into your turns and hold a solid edge. Traction Tech is crucial to offset the edge drift of rocker.” - Jeremy Jones

TexTreme Carbon - Specially designed (12k non crimp fabric) that is podium proven in the America's Cup and Tour De France. TeXtreme achieves a weight savings of about 20-30% compared to conventional carbon fiber.


Ultra ISO Core - Full-wood, triple density wood core that uses stringers of ISO-CORE, a foam/fiberglass composite that's as stiff as any wood but 15% lighter. Hardwood beech stringers are positioned along the edges for added durability.


Carbon Construction - By combining two full bi-directional carbon topsheet layers with carbon stringers and a top secret dual-density wood core, Jones' Carbon Construction offers excellent damping, stiffness and torsional rigidity.


Sintered Ultra Base - World Cup proven race base made from Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyurethane modified with special Fluoro and Paraffin-based additives for better glide and increased durability. Ultra base is harder and faster than any other sintered base.


Progressive Sidecut - Delivers smoother turn initiation and exit as the edge tracks in and out of the snow with a less abrupt transition.

Blunt Nose = Float - How a board glides in powder, crust, corn or any snow condition more than an inch deep is dictated by its front contact point and just past it. Next time you are in soft snow, watch how much snow comes over the corner of the nose near the contact point. The billowing snow means you are plowing through it, which is obviously slowing you down. By adding a blunt nose you get the float benefits of a much longer board tip without the added length or swing weight.

Fusion Tech - Jones exclusive production process allows the traditional topsheet layer to be replaced with ultra durable epoxy layer to save weight and material.

Stainless Steel Hardware - Stainless steel plates are embedded into the nose and tail for improved board tip durability.

Quick Tension Tail Clip - All Jones splitboards feature a notch cut into the tail of both skis that allows the Quick Tension Tail Clip fastener to simply slide into the notch and secure the skin.

Karakoram Ultra Clip - Karakoram Ultra clips are lower profile, stronger and increase compression between board halves.

Flip Flop Base Graphics - By flip-flopping the base graphic colors, P-Tex waste is drastically reduced by increasing the material yield.

Recycled ABS - ABS plastic is one of the necessary evils of snowboard production. Jones improves the sustainability of their snowboards by only using recycled plastic.

1% For The Planet - Jones Snowboards has committed to contribute at least one percent of their annual sales to environmental causes. The mission of 1% for the Planet is to "build, support and activate an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet."

Oversize Recycled Steel Edges - All Jones boards are made with oversize recycled steel edges for added durability and improved production sustainability.

Supports "Protect Our Winters" - Protect Our Winters (POW) was started in 2007 by pro snowboarder Jeremy Jones, owner of Jones Snowboards, who witnessed first-hand the impact of climate change on North America's mountains.

After being turned away from areas that had once been ride-able and seeing resorts closed due to lack of snow, Jones decided to take action by founding POW, whose mission is to engage and mobilize winter sports communities to educate others about the growing problem of climate change and its negative effects on the environment.

Suggested Boot Size (US):13 & under13 & under
Waist Width (cm):26.326.6
Weight Range (lbs):160 - 210170 - 220
Stance Set Back (in):1.181.18
Sidecut Radius (m):9.39.4
Effective Edge (cm):123.0125.4
Taper (mm):10.010.0
Tip Length (cm):29.519.3
Tail Length (cm):19.019.3
Tip Width (cm):30.330.7
Tail Width (cm):30.230.6
Overall Rating
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Super light and stiff!
by Backcountry Splitboarder in Kirkwood, CA
Posted on 1/20/2014
Jones Snowboards Carbon Solution Splitboard
The way I see it, is that this design, especially the "cam rock" evolved from Nidecker's Mega light and ultra light. I still have those "old" Nideckers, and STILL ride those, actually, as they are SO light and the cam rock with Nidecker's old "ultimate grip" which looks more like a threatening steak knife! It rides like that, too! I LOVE that design, and it certainly has reached some sort of pinnacle, even though there are many camber variations now.

Cam rock ROCKS. Like a nice sports car. I had always wanted to split the old Mega light, since it has a wood core, but it is extremely thin. The resulting deck would no doubt be too flexible.

This Jones design also put mange-traction on the INNER edges of the skis, and when you are side-stepping up an nice icy face are MUCH better to have than not.

My Lib Tech C-2 T.Rice has no need for mange traction on the inner edges, as the C-2 is mostly for deep powder, even though it can rock groomers, and even parks. (not necessarily recommended for the park!)

BUT, that's why I would chose the Jones solution for other B/C adventures that might have icy terrain. The Solution has the most control I could ask for when landing big airs and it's over all KILLER carve and effortless transfer. That it turns on a dime like that and remains in control, especially because of the mange-traction, is the best feature of the ride, in my opinion.

I was stoked to buy this one from Tactics last year on sale. I can't say I'd be thrilled obout the full price, and I would hold out for another sale if I were you, but you still won't see any more than $150 reduced from this deck.

Slap a set of Karakoram Carbon bindings on this, (I have 3 pairs of those), and you will be grinning ear to ear, and everyone will be JEALOUS (guaranteed!) The lightweight combo of the Carbon Jones Solution, and the Karakoram Carbon bindings CANNOT be beat for weight, and the Carbon Jones is A LOT STIFFER than the non-carbon. (yes, I own a non-carbon, and yes, it rides MUCH differently than the Carbon).

I only really care to take this expensive set up out in deep powder and backcountry adventures when the snow is worthy, which sure has NOT been for a while…. How about some SNOW?
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