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Krooked Worrest Lock Up 8.3 Twin Tail Slick Skateboard Deck

2 Reviews
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Pro Model
  • Bobby Worrest
Deck Shape
  • Twin Tail
  • Slick
Deck Shape

Twin Tail - Twin Tail decks are completely symmetrical, meaning both front and back kicks are the exact same size, shape and angle.


Slick - This deck features a sublimated slick bottom veneer for easier and smoother boardslides. Sticking on rough ledges and other surfaces is now a thing of the past.

Center Width (in):8.3
Length (in):31.9
Wheelbase (in):14.4
Nose (in):6.6
Tail (in):6.6
Overall Rating
Reviewed by 2 customers
Great Allround deck!
by Trevor
Posted on 12/4/2022
Krooked Worrest Lock Up 8.3 Twin Tail Slick Skateboard Deck
I had this board all year since April. I work at a Trader Joe’s in Maryland with an extensive network of slappy curbs out back. Some normal, some you can ride onto, some over dirt you can boardslide. Also, it rains a lot over here and I used the board in the rain dozens of times. The slick bottom allowed me to not have to wax the curbs every other week and provided extra rigidity to maintain pop throughout its lifetime. I even ollied a low jersey barrier after both tails were quite razored. The mid-long wheel base also provided great stability in bowls. And, sticking on unfamiliar flat bars was not an issue.
I even tried the whole Ishod thing where I used four top thunder bushings in thunder 147 trucks. This weird trick makes the trucks turn somewhere in between a stock Indy and a stock thunder. Additionally, if you keep the stock washers, the lowered hanger will bite the wider bottom washer just before wheelbite.
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love krooked but this board has to be defected
by Jarrod Bickley in kutztown, PA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 11/14/2022
Krooked Worrest Lock Up 8.3 Twin Tail Slick Skateboard Deck - green
been skating crooked for years but this board might change that. skated it 7 times max and it’s destroyed. a 3 flip flat somehow caused the board to crack and start to delaminate between the layers and there a solid crack in the middle of the board from a boardslide. i’m not a big guy maybe weigh like 150. the board is barely skated and is falling apart.
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