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Loaded Basalt Tesseract 39" Longboard Deck

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Building on their experience manufacturing the Tarab, Loaded has updated the Basalt Tesseract with a high-performance, eco-conscious basalt fabric construction for a lighter, damper, and more freestyle-friendly longboard.

Ride Style
  • Freeride
  • Freestyle
Mounting Style
  • Top Mount
Deck Profile
  • Rocker
Deck Shape
  • Symmetrical
Deck Features
  • Adjustable Wheelbase
  • Wheel Wells/Flares
Nose & Tail Features
  • Double Kicks
  • Mild Concave
  • W-Concave
Grip Type
  • Black Grip Tape
Deck Features
  • Tesseract Construction
Ride Style

Freeride - Featuring concaves that create pockets for your feet and shorter wheelbases, freeride boards are meant to make power slides as natural as your choice to skate.

Freestyle - Freestyle is all about expression so you'll see a wide variety of flex, shape and length in this category. If you have longboard dancing and flat-ground trick goals, you're on the right page.

Mounting Style

Top Mount - The classic skate mount. Trucks are mounted from the top to sit flush with the bottom of the board for that proven ride and feel.

Deck Profile

Rocker - Rocker decks are great for both downhill and freeride. You'll feel snug and secure on a rocker profile and is especially useful for freeride beginners.

Deck Shape

Symmetrical - If you ever think you want to ride your board backwards (freeride/freestyle) then a symmetrical longboard shape will help you with the learning curve. Other than that, it's all preference.

Deck Features

Adjustable Wheelbase - A board with an adjustable wheelbase will have multiple truck mounting positions so you can find what exact wheelbase works best for you. Move your axles in for quicker pop, increased agility, higher traction, and lower swing weight; move them out for greater stability and more lean.

Wheel Wells/Flares - For the boards that don't need full wheel cutouts, wheel wells are beveled out of the board to give the extra clearance needed to avoid wheelbite.

Nose & Tail Features

Double Kicks - With a kicktail at the nose and tail of the board, ollies and flip tricks will become part of your arsenal. Double kicks are most often found on freestyle boards, but can add versatility to any skateboard.


Mild Concave - Most longboards have a mild concave to give your feet natural curves to lock into. Choosing the right concave can be tough because it's all personal preference but mild concave is always a good place to start.

W-Concave - Added concave in the shape of a W, meaning the sides are raised as well as a slight hump in the middle of the platform. This gives you a little more support where your toes/heels will anchor for slides making this a common choice for freeride.

Deck Features

Tesseract Construction - Two layers of custom fiberglass/epoxy skins sandwich two vertically-laminated bamboo cores to create a stiff yet light and damp structure. Laminated to the bottom of the board is a layer of cork, which provides vibration damping and a significant level of durability.

More Info

Tesseract Riding Tips - The 3.5° wedging angle of the Tesseract allows for a wide range of interesting hardware configurations. A truck with a lower kingpin angle (below 45°) works in symmetry with the wedging angle to provide a versatile balance of lean and turn with a low ride height.

A truck with a higher kingpin angle (above 45°) works best with a soft 3-4° wedged riser to simultaneously preserve the steering geometry and damp vibrations.

Width (in):9.5
Length (in):39.0
Wheelbase (in):24.5 - 26.0
Nose (in):4.375 - 5.125
Tail (in):4.375 - 5.125
Concave (in):.375