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Free Shipping - Orders Over $60

Holbrook Replacement Lenses

sapphire iridium lens
Color: sapphire iridium lens
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Whether you are getting a new color, or replacing a damaged lens, isn't it great that you don't have to buy a whole new pair of sunglasses? These are impact resistant and filter out 100% of UV rays while utilizing Oakley's integrated technology to achieve the best view.

Lens Tech
  • HD Polarized
  • Iridium®
  • Only the 24K Iridium lenses are polarized: Oakley HD Polarized sunglasses block 100% of all ultraviolet light. Because building an optical force-field means protecting you from everything but the safest, clearest, most glare–free light. Ultimate clarity and protection, made to meet the demands of the world's greatest athletes.
Lens Tech

HD Polarized - By selectively filtering directional light, glare from roads, water, and snow is reduced greatly.

Iridium® - A lens coating specifically formulated for optimal balance between reflection, transmission and absorption.