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Sector 9 65mm Nineball Longboard Wheels

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warm red (78a)
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The 65mm Top Shelf longboard wheels are freeride specific with a centerset Cosmic Core and a slim contact patch. Just because these wheels aren't Race Formula or Shredthane, doesn't mean they're not high quality urethane. In fact, the Top Shelf formula is preferred by many of Sector 9's team riders for freeride/downhill action.

  • Set of 4 Wheels
Ride Style
  • Freeride
  • Carving/Cruising
Core Placement
  • Centerset
Wheel Edge
  • Round Lip
Contact Patch
  • 36mm-40mm
Surface Type
  • Smooth
Wheel Features
  • Top Shelf Formula
  • Cosmic Core
  • 78a


Ride Style

Freeride - Wanna get sideways? Features like smaller contact patches, a stone ground finish and rounded lips all help these wheels slide easily, right out of the cellophane.

Carving/Cruising - Carving/cruising wheels meet the needs of many different skate disciplines but generally, have a good roll speed and are soft enough to handle craggy streets riddled with cracks and rocks.

Core Placement

Centerset - The hubs in these wheels are set equidistant from the lips, resulting in an even wear and a controlled slide.

Word to the wise: They can be rotated (like your car's tires) to promote even wear and a longer lifespan.

Wheel Edge

Round Lip - Breaks traction more easily and offers smoother transitions from grip to slide. Round lip wheels are generally preferred for freeriding.

Surface Type

Smooth - The natural shiny finish provides extra grip for railing corners and is more responsive when pumping/carving compared to wheels with a stone ground finish.

Wheel Features

Top Shelf Formula - Sector 9's premium quality Urethane formula that provides you with an ultra-smooth and evenly wearing wheel to keep you rolling for years to come.

Cosmic Core - The Cosmic core increases roll speed and provides better control through slides.


78a - The most common durometer we see amongst cruiser wheels. They have great grip for cornering and easily roll over cracks, small rocks and the like.


Diameter (mm):65.0
Contact Patch (mm):38.0
Suggested Riser Size (in):1/4 - 1/2


Overall Rating
Reviewed by 5 customers
Feeling good
by Jonathan West in Provo, UT (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 11/9/2015
Sector 9 65mm Top Shelf Longboard Wheels - green ii (78a)
I was riding 59mm Penny wheels on my cruiser but wanted to go up in size and get some new wheels. These are faster than my old wheels and are able to slide a little more, however the pennys were a bit quieter and felt smoother on rough terrain. I like the speed a lot of these though, and the bigger size helps with cracks.
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Best 65's out there!!!
by Brice M in rotonda west, FL (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 10/29/2014
Sector 9 Top Shelf 65mm Longboard Wheels - orange (78a)
All I can say is try 'em... Good for anything you wanna do....
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Sweet cruises and carves
by El Beach Bum in Englewood Beach, Fl (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 4/26/2014
Sector 9 Top Shelf 65mm Longboard Skateboard Wheels
I really dig these wheels!!! I'm not a slider so I can't really comment on that aspect. But I can tell you that these bad boys roll as well and as smooth as anything I've ever ridden and they grip in the turns and carves like sweet urethane dreams. Bonus: They're way quicker than you'd think for 78a
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Pretty dope
by Bichniqua in Oakland (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 4/18/2014
Sector 9 Top Shelf 65mm Longboard Wheels - blue (78a)
Used it to freeride. They were really smooth and predictable, but they died in two days. (I freeride 20-35mph)
Though they wore down to quickly, i had a wonderful time while they lasted. Ide recommend getting more than a single set
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Pretty solid wheel, great price
by awwdumbnoob in Hawaii
Posted on 4/25/2012
Sector 9 Top Shelf 65mm Longboard Skateboard Wheels
Surprisingly a great cruiser wheel for anyone especially people starting to learn to longboard or if you already enjoy freeriding. If you enjoy going sideways, this wheel is actually great for it. Even though it grips pretty hard while cruising, if you kick it out a bit you'll probably go sideways. Great for freeriding if you're into that kind of thing and a solid cruiser wheel too. A bit large for a cruising wheel in my opinion but that's just my opinion. But if you're looking for a pretty solid wheel to go cruising and doing mild freeriding with it, definitely buy it. Don't forget spacers with your bearings.
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