Free Shipping Over $60
Free Shipping Over $60

If you skate, you're a skater. If you paint you're a painter. If you're Sebo, then you're sick at both. Back artwork based on a FREAKIN GIANT canvas painting Sebo made for us. Visit Tactics PDX shop to feast your eyes upon the spectacle.

  • 100% Cotton, 230gsm.
  • Crew
Artwork By
  • Sebo Walker
Tactics Oversized Fit
  • Slightly longer/larger than standard. Try one size smaller for true-to-size fit.
Tactics Original Apparel

Shortsleeve T-Shirt - Tired of your t-shirts shrinking "short fat" in the wash? Us too. We set out to make our own proprietary t-shirt fit last year. Economically produced t-shirts are produced as tubes -- without side seams, which is why they shrink like this. We partnered with an amazing factory in Guatemala to develop our own t-shirt fit, using side seam construction and mid-heavy weight 230gsm fabric. It's all part of our enduring quest to vanquish plumber's crack and provide high-quality garments which won't need replacing for years.