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TM-Three Snowboard Boots (2019 Closeout)

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Color: black
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Color: black
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Ride Style
All Mountain
All-purpose boots ensure support, control for all conditions and terrain
Medium + Medium Stiff
Versatile and responsive with adjustable flex ideal for riding all types of terrain
Ultimate support, comfort and warmth with performance tech features
Lacing System
Standard Lace
Tried and true, simplistic system that allows for customized fits

The TM-Three is one of the most innovative and customizable boots in the game with a design that lets you go from medium to stiff with a few quick adjustments. Thirtytwo's Recoil Flex Control rods slip in or out of the spine of the boot when you want added stiffness and support, and the Exo Armer and Storm Shield on the outer shell help these all-mountain thrashers resist wear and tear. The top-of-the-line Level 4 Liner and Footbed provide comfortable cushioning and help soften hard landings, while the updated Elite Internal Harness supports your feet and ankles during long sessions so you can ride longer without fatigue. If you're looking to hook yourself up with the best of the best, these boots are it.

Key Features
  • STI Evolution Foam Midsole
  • Exo Armor
  • Recoil Flex Control Rods
  • 1:1 True Fit Outsole
  • 3D Molded Tongue
  • Articulated Cuff
  • Performance Backstay
  • Tongue Tension System
  • Elite Liner
  • Elite Footbed
  • Elite Internal Harness
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Molded Toe Cap
  • Storm Shield
  • Heel Hold Kit
Key Features

Exo Armor - Featuring an extra layer of high density EVA laminated to the shell, ThirtyTwo's Exo Armor adds support and durability.

Recoil Flex Control Rods - Rods that can be placed on either side of the spine to change the stiffness of the boot. Go from a 6/10 to an 8/10 stiffness rating when you put rods on both sides of the spine. Only use rods on one side of the spine for asymmetrical support, or leave them out for a more playful flex. Each has its own benefits so make sure you experiment and find what suits you best.

1:1 True Fit Outsole - Creating true half-sizes is another huge step in achieving the best fitting boots in the snowboard market. Test it for yourself, you won't be disappointed.


3D Molded Tongue - ThirtyTwo's 3D Molded Tongues wrap your foot for easier lacing, an even flex, and improved fit and heel hold.

Articulated Cuff - This advanced shell construction creates high performing, smooth flexing boots that are easier to lace and more durable. There is also less shell distortion, resulting in consistent heel hold through the full flex range.

Performance Backstay - Provides solid flex and durability

Tongue Tension System - With increased leverage and reduced friction, ThirtyTwo's Tongue Tension system works with the 3D Molded Tongue for easier closure and a more secure fit providing the ultimate heel lock down.


Elite Liner - Heat moldable with STI Energy Foam for high rebound cushioning. A pressure pad alleviates internal lace bite. Power cuff, heat vents and adaptive arch support that's interchangeable for a customized fit.

Elite Footbed - Molded Energy foam for high rebound cushioning with customizable arch support.

Elite Internal Harness - Reinforced harness that is built taller for ultimate support and heel hold.


Rubber Outsole - A Rubber Outsole provides extra support, grip and stability both on and off the board while additionally giving you the tread you need to dig in for hiking.


Molded Toe Cap - Rugged Toe Reinforcement.

Storm Shield - An all-weather seal.