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Venture Polished Skateboard Trucks

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polished (6.1 hi)
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Known for their durability and reliability, the Venture Polished Skateboard Trucks provide smooth grinds with lightweight construction. Made from high quality aluminum and high grade steel, these trucks are sold as a set of two in a variety of sizes for all types of skateboarding.

Baseplate Style
  • Standard
  • Set of 2 Trucks


Non-Compatible Risers

Risers from the following brands are not compatible with the baseplates of these trucks.

Dooks, Girl, Loaded, Paris
Sizing Reference

Note - Every skate truck brand represents their sizing a little differently, so it's easy to get confused. Take a look at this graphic and then reference the size chart.


Size7.6 axle8.0 axle8.0 axle (low)8.25 axle8.75 axle
Venture Size:5.0 Hi 5.2 Hi 5.2 Lo 5.6 Hi 6.1 Hi
Hanger (mm):127.0 132.0 132.0 142.5 155.6
Board Range (in):7.4 - 7.875 7.75 - 8.25 7.75 - 8.25 8.0 - 8.5 8.5 - 9.0
Height (mm):53.5 53.5 48.3 53.5 53.5
Weight (g):353.9 360.9 364.9 370.5 379.0


Overall Rating
Reviewed by 30 customers
Super low
by Kyle K in Round Rock, TX (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 1/23/2024
Venture Polished Skateboard Trucks - polished (5.2 lo)
These trucks don’t turn very well even at factory tightness but that’s not why you buy these. You buy these because you want lower center of gravity and the quickest pop possible. They are fun.

I hope venture makes a 8.25” low someday
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Have I been missing out?
by Robby Naumann in Ridgefield, WA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 9/11/2023
Venture Polished Skateboard Trucks - polished (6.1 hi)
Just swapped to these from Thunder hollow lights. Been a Krux/Indy guy for a long time but wanted to give Venture Hi's a shot. Especially since I made the swap to 8.75 from 8.25. Venture and Indy were the only other options, besides thunder. Really glad I chose the ventures. 20-25 minute break in, literally. Great turn and grind, stock bushings are doing awesome so far. These are a nice slightly lighter weight option for bigger setups, especially for street, which is all I skate. These make a bigger setup feel super manageable and easy to maneuver. Might be a Venture guy from now on after this.
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2+ years on my cruiser deck and still kicking it!
by SuperAl
Posted on 5/1/2023
Venture Polished Skateboard Trucks
I got the low set and they feel great I used the spacers included and have not replaced them I actually prefer them to others I've tried nice firm but malleable both front and back are in great shape considering the miles I put on them I cant speak to there durability when it comes to grinding as I'm simply not that cool.
I couldn't not recommend them and the price is nice too always a plus.
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by Mark (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 6/30/2022
Venture Polished Skateboard Trucks - polished (5.2 lo)
These trucks were excellent and worked very nice on my board!
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Was an indy rider back when
by Anthony
Posted on 4/12/2022
Venture Polished Skateboard Trucks
I've tried the new indys... they was adverage and I've tried tensor and they didn't have the heft. But these bad boys are the bees knees. They are tight like I used to ride and have that special something. I love the standards, nothing extra.
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Give a Truck
by Kyle Childress in Edwardsville, IL (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 2/10/2022
Venture Polished Skateboard Trucks - polished (5.2 lo)
Never rode low trucks before but I’m fully converted. Great quality and easy install.
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Asked by Divi on 10/27/2022
Do these come with bushings?
Answered by Kat M (Tactics Employee) on 10/27/2022
Yes these are complete trucks
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Asked by Guillaume on 6/8/2016
hi, i would like to know if these are sold in pair or seperatly, thank you
Answered by Elijah W (Tactics Employee) on 6/9/2016
Trucks on our website are always sold in pairs!
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Asked by Steve-O on 7/31/2013
Do these trucks grind on anything without getting stuck in one place?
Answered on 8/14/2013
these will grind just like any other truck will. if the surface is not grindable, then of course, these will not grind.
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Asked by Farmer on 4/17/2013
Would the 8.o axle truck fit a 7.875 deck?
Answered by Tim S (Tactics Employee) on 4/17/2013
Yes, that will fit fine.
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Asked by Skwad on 3/17/2013
I have an 8.0 size board and need new trucks because the ones I have now are ment for a smaller board. I would like to know if the king bolt would get in the way with these Ventures size 5.2?
Answered by Daniel B (Tactics Employee) on 4/9/2013
the king pin on these trucks dont rely get in the way of riding.
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