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Footprint Intercept Forever Cap Skate Shoes

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Neen Williams' pro model shoe from Footprint is the culmination of experience and advanced technology. This shoe has FP's revolutionary DGS outsole and FluidX protection, as well as the Forever Cap toebox for superior durability and flick. On the collar is a laminated rubber lip for the avid heelflipper so someday you can have heelflips almost as good as Neen's.

  • Cupsole
Pro Model
  • Neen Williams
Primary Upper Materials
  • Suede
  • Textile
  • DGS Outsole
  • FluidX
  • Forever Cap
  • Kingfoam Insole
  • One Piece Toe
  • Laminated Heelflip Lip
  • Specially Designed Outsole Lip To Prevent Ankle Rolls

Cupsole - Durable and shock-absorbing to provide the best impact protection against hard landings. Cupsoles generally last longer than a vulcanized sole but don't provide as much flexibility and board feel right out of the box.


DGS Outsole - A hollowed out outsole filled with “FluidX Protection” material creates a level of energy absorption unseen before. Better board feel with a flexible sole offers better board control under your feet.

FluidX - Utilizing the properties of Non-Newtonian fluid that becomes firm when impacted, the FluidX compound absorbs up to 90% of shock energy for the entire life of the shoe. That means you have excellent board feel when you are standing on your board, and significant impact protection the moment your feet make contact with the ground.

Forever Cap - This textured toe cap is made with an extremely abrasion-resistant rubber compound to give the shoe superior durability and excellent grip for flip tricks.

Kingfoam Insole - An upgrade already in the box! Signature Kingfoam insoles provide professional level impact protection.

One Piece Toe - Having the toe box made of one piece means there are no crucial seams to tear which translates to the durability and longevity of your shoes.

Overall Rating
Reviewed by 5 customers
False advertising
by Fezzy
Posted on 3/18/2021
Footprint Intercept Forever Cap Skate Shoes
I got these because i wanted to see if they are really as durable as it says and because i like neen and trusted that he would'nt advertise a garbage shoe. They broke in quickly but after the first week the shoe literally ripped from the inside and the built in in-sole came out but i was able to put it back into place, it feels like my foot is sitting at an angle every time I wear them now. Now only about a month later there is already a hole going through the bottom of the shoe. The toe cap is still holding up though so i guess that's something. I don't want to hate on neen but this is really dissapointing and a little messed up the shoe should not cost nearly as much with how quickly it falls apart.
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Best skate shoe ??
by Teddy Bowman in Soldier in Japan (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 3/17/2021
Footprint Intercept Forever Cap Skate Shoes - brown/black ice
I originally thought these shoes would be too stiff, but after a quick break in, these are the most durable and comfy shoes out there. This will be the only shoe I skate from now on ??????
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Awesome shoe so far!
by Brandon Kellum in Alexander City, AL (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 2/21/2021
Footprint Intercept Forever Cap Skate Shoes - white/ice
I purchased these after seeing the FP insole ads on YouTube and seeing Neen talking about the shoe. Had my first skate session in them yesterday and I can say they’re some of the best skate shoes I’ve owned over the past 20 years. Board feel was amazing and the shoes feel fairly well broken in from the start. The toe cap is holding up really well to kick flips and has a nice flick. I would definitely recommend these!
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Awesome shoes!
by JT in Hoover, AL (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 8/3/2020
Footprint Intercept Forever Cap Skate Shoes - white
Very comfortable and a very noticeable difference in shock absorption while skating.
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New favorite skate shoe!!
by Dustin in PA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 7/2/2020
Footprint Intercept Forever Cap Skate Shoes - white
These are great. Instantly felt comfortable, didnt feel like I had to break them in but I did anyway. At first I was like woah.. then I was like WOAH after I ran outside and did a kickflip in them. I've had them for about a month and been out for a good few sessions and seems like they'll hold up well. Overall good feeling of the board and in my feet. Nikes I'm 8.5 and went 9. Should've done 8.5 so stick to your size. But overall I would definitely buy them again.

P.s: was looking everywhere for these kicks. Tactics was the only place carrying them. So good stuff tactics!
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