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How to Make Concrete Ledges Grind and Slide


Here in the Pacific Northwest we have our fair share of crusty ledge spots. What looks like the perfect spot from afar can turn out to be nearly ungrindable even with a pound of wax on it. In this guide we will walk you through the essential tools and methods to make concrete ledges grind and slide. 

Here is a list of supplies you will need to get started:

  • Rub Brick
  • Broom
  • Clear Spray-on Lacquer
  • Lots of Wax
  • Mask for Dust

Also, please keep in mind that it is best to find ledges that are away from local businesses or high-traffic areas where the bust factor is high.


Scrape the rub brick along the top of the ledge. This will be a bit labor intensive depending on how rough the ledge is but it's important to not rush this part and make the ledge as smooth as possible so it grinds well. The three parts of the ledge to make smooth are the edge where your trucks will grind, the top where your nose or tail will slide, and the side where your wheels slide.


Periodically use the broom or extra shirt to sweep away the dust as you smooth the ledge out. This is where a mask will come in handy.


Continue smoothing the ledge with the rub brick. This can get tiring so it’s a good idea to trade off with a friend. Once you are content with the smoothness of the ledge be sure to check for any missed spots or rough patches.


Once the ledge is smooth and the dust is swept away you can bring out the lacquer. It is important to spray the entire area that you used the rub brick on so don’t forget the top and sides of the ledge. Get a nice clean coat of lacquer on the ledge.


Allow the lacquer to dry for about 30 minutes.


Once the lacquer has dried you can wax the ledge. Don’t skimp on the wax since the ledge has likely never been skated at this point and will need extra. Then you can test it out by moving your board along it with your hands to ensure it will grind. Add more wax if it is not grinding as easily as you would like.


SHRED! Share your new spot with your friends and teach them your newfound DIY skills.

We hope you found this tutorial on making concrete ledges grind and slide useful. If you like this type of content be sure to check out our other DIY guides such as How to Fix Skate Spots with Bondo

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