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Nike SB Ishod Wear Test Review


The long-anticipated Nike SB Ishod Wair signature shoe is finally here and like Ishod, it's an absolute beast. Ishod didn't play it safe with tweaking a classic model. Instead, he helped create something entirely new. Mesh side panels, React technology, and a vulcanized cupsole design combined with Ishod's flair for style make this a shoe worth obsessing over. 

For this review, we met up with Dakota Mead, a dude who has a deeper bag of tricks than you and can skate anything, making him the optimal wear test candidate for a shoe that's designed by one of skateboarding's greatest ATVs.




The combination vulcanized cupsole is thicker than a traditional vulcanized shoe which makes it just a bit stiff right out of the box. But this didn't keep Dakota from breaking them in easily after just one session. He also mentioned the added benefit of having the best of both worlds with great board feel in the toes and the luxury of traditional cupsole support throughout the heel. 

The overall fit felt true to size for Dakota with the toe box opening up more as he skated them. The sockliner and heel cup provided a locked-down fit for a secure and comfortable feel on his board. 




The molded rubber mesh side panels provide excellent breathability. If your feet sweat a lot when you skate this is a major plus to this shoe. And if they don't, you can also be hyped on the added flexibility this feature adds. Dakota did start wearing through the outside of the vent but it's backed up with additional support which flows directly into the sockliner.




The Drop-in Nike React insole adds a lot of versatility to this shoe. As Dakota states ' felt really solid. You can jump down anything, get tech with it, and have really good boardfeel.' The lightweight and responsive cushioning elevate this model from other skate shoes. 




It's not always common to find a shoe that has all the features you need for skating and that's where this model excels. It checks all the boxes from board feel and durability to ventilation and support. Overall, Dakota was impressed with the performance of the Nike SB Ishod Wair and would definitely skate them again. Now that you have his take, it's your turn to give them a go. 


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