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Lib Tech Sky Siljeg Sky High 8.5 Skateboard Deck

Color: purple/yellow
Size: 8.5 Size Chart
Grip Tape:
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Color: purple/yellow
Size: 8.5
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Maybe you're going through a phase, snapping boards faster than Randy Savage snaps into Slim Jims. Maybe you have an instinct telling you your boards could have more life, more pop. Either way, you should really consider investing a few extra bucks to get a Lib Tech skateboard. Their boards are made tough, like they last three times longer than others tough. They are also taking advantage of their snowboard technologies to give their skateboards an extreme level of snap, pop, and responsiveness. If you wanna bust out of the mold and catch air like Sky Siljeg, this pro model is highly recommended.
Deck Shape
  • Shaped Deck
Deck Type
  • Tech Construction
Deck Construction
  • Cockroach Construction
Artwork By
  • Sky Siljeg
Deck Construction

Cockroach Construction - Vastly different from your standard deck and built to outlast the cockroaches, decks with this construction will last longer, pop higher, and are Eco friendly. An extremely tough polyethylene material (UHMW) combined with Birch is used to prevent razor tail. The Birch doubles as a tough rail while inside the guts of the board, vertically laminated Aspen serves to keep your board lightweight. Bi-Ax fiber built into the spine give this deck an amazing pop. If you are sick of pressure cracks, or are going through decks faster than your allowance, you won't regret investing in a handcrafted deck, built as tough as a cockroach.

Width (in):8.5
Length (in):32.0
Wheel Base (in):14.25
Nose (in):6.9
Tail (in):6.5

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