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Metro Polarized Sunglasses

$64.95 - $69.95
black matte/red chrome polarized lens
Color: black matte/red chrome polarized lens
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These sweet shades are built with a mold injected grilmid frame with stainless steel hinges for lightweight comfort and durability. The Polarized lenses offer 100% UV protection and a stylish base 6 curvature. All MADSON sunglasses are hand polished and backed by a Lifetime Warranty so you know they're high quality and built to last.

Frame Specs
  • Mold Injected Nylon Grilmid
  • 6 Base Curvature
Frame Measurements (mm)
  • 56-18-130
Key Features
  • Polarized Lenses
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Lifetime Warranty

6 Base Curvature - The base curvature corresponds to the curve of the lens. The higher the number, the higher the curve. 6 base styles have a “flatter” look. 8-9 base curves hug closer to the face.

Frame Measurements (mm)

These measurements include the width of the lens, the width of the bridge, the height of the lens and the length of the arms in that order.

Key Features

Polarized Lenses - The polarized lenses set in the frame offer clarity, increase the vibrance of colors and are extremely durable. MADSON's Polarized lens Technology also protects you from the dangers of UV rays and glare.

Extra Info

Pro Tip - Are polarized sunglasses better? Are they worth the price?

In many cases, yes. All sunglasses reduce brightness and block some amount of harmful UV rays. However, only polarized sunglasses are scientifically constructed to eliminate glare. Not just reduce it, but eliminate it. Polarized sunglasses are ideal for driving, where you get glare from your dash, your windshield and other vehicles. They perform much better than standard sunglasses – reducing eye strain and helping you see better – around water, snow, sand or any other reflective surroundings.


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