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Switchback Twin Snowboard Bindings 2017

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Color: black/green
Size: L Size Chart
Color: black/green
Size: L
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Recommended Use
Park / Freestyle
Added mobility and range of motion for more expressive riding
Versatile and responsive, ideal for riding all types of terrain
Budget-friendly design, everything you need, nothing you don't
4-Hole + 3D
Fits standard 4-hole and Burton 3D mounting systems
Not every binding can elevate your riding skills. These can. Especially if you are concentrating on jibbing and jumps. The baseplates incorporate bushing bumpers that act like a suspension system. Their Heel Pillow/Pad damping system is possibly the best out there. It'll give you the confidence you need to go for that 60'. The Jib Pad, featured in these Twin bindings, is the cushiest, plushest feel in the line. The straps have a genius design too. When you open the strap, it gets out of your way and stays out of your way . . . seriously smart. The pads are on a sliding system so you can put the pads just where you need them to line up with your boot properly. Yeah, they're on the top of the Tool-Free game too so you don't have to worry about losing bolts in the snow.
Key Features
  • Totally Tool-Less Binding
  • Flatback
  • Eames Straps
  • Heel Impact Pad
  • Pad Positioning
  • Base Bumper Corners
  • Direct Steering Pads
  • Jib Pad
  • A 'Hole' Lot of Flex
  • Why Not Noback?
  • Clean Forward Lean
  • Strap Position
  • Easy Access
  • Find Your Center
Key Features

Totally Tool-Less Binding - Swap your highback for the no-back and switch it back in seconds, ride without a back for a surf feel or keep it traditional, it's up to you. Snap in, snap out. No tools needed! Also swap ankle straps or adjust their position quickly without the need for screws or tools. And no more annoying screw to get to your disc! Change the padding, adjust the toe ramp position and access the mounting disc without tools. Choose from 4 positions.


Flatback - Eiki designed the Flatback to have maximum tweakage from tip to tail, but still be tall and responsive vertically for when you need it. They have adjustable forward lean to dial in your desire responsiveness and are anatomically shaped to better fit your natural stance.


Eames Straps - These straps are composed of a rugged leather style cover and solid pre-molded EVA lining, for a more responsive and powerful feel. The shaping and materials easily form and mold around any boot contour for a plush fit.


Heel Impact Pad - Switchback took out almost all the hard stuff under your heel and replaced it with a big soft cushioning padding block to dampen impact on those hard heelside landings.

Pad Positioning - All padding is adjustable to match the sole and size of your boots. Depending on what size baseplate and boots, you may need to adjust the pad towards or away from the toe edge. As an added performance benefit, if you slide the pas towards the heel, the ramp will increase your toeside response, if you slide it the other way it can decrease toeside response.

Base Bumper Corners - Extra padding in the corners of your base padding protects your board from wear and impact damage.

Direct Steering Pads - Thinner padding in the right places makes for a smoother transfer of power to your board. Thicker corner base padding helps dampen impact.

Jib Pad - Designed with thicker padding under the toes and balls of the feet for more cushioning in flat and hard landings. They also offer the most plush and comfortable feel in the line.


A 'Hole' Lot of Flex - Less plastic to your board provides a more natural flex pattern under your boot. This helps with maneuvering through tight turns for the precise feel you crave. They hollow out their highbacks to make light while providing a rigid and responsive feel. It gives you heel side support where you want it and not where you don't. And as a bonus it makes your board even easier to carry as the hollow back acts as a handle.

Why Not Noback? - Go for a traditional highback or pop in the no-back to surf powder or ride the park skate-style. Switch up your riding, switch up your style and switch back.

Clean Forward Lean - Adjust your forward lean around the most natural pivot point. No boot movement and no gaps makes for a better fit, which means a more enjoyable ride for you.


Strap Position - Their baseplates offer two easily adjustable strap mounting positions: a higher setting that gives you more response and boot hold, and a lower one that offers more freestyle flexibility. Play with them and find your perfect fit.

Easy Access - Their strap design design allows the straps to naturally fall open and away for easy in and out. Get in and out quickly without stepping on your straps.

Find Your Center - You can center your toe and ankle straps for proper boot fit in seconds by flipping open the latch adjustment and using the ratchet and ladder strap to find the sweet spot.

Men's Boot Sizes (US):10-14

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