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Affiliate Program

Since our humble start in a garage in 1999, Tactics celebrates skateboarding and snowboarding culture. Independently owned and operated in the Pacific Northwest, we are inspired by having the Cascade mountains at our back, the ocean at our feet, and some of the world's best skate spots in all directions. Tactics is driven by our core values, including positivity and a commitment to deliver the stoke!

The Tactics affiliate program is a great way to collaborate and earn commissions on sales of everything from skateboard decks and accessories, to snowboards, boots, bindings and outerwear. Even better, we'll supply you with a steady flow of promotions and special offers to help boost your sales.

Start earning commissions by joining the Tactics affiliate program :


How It Works 

  1. Apply to AvantLink, Tactics affiliate network partner. 

  1. Complete the application for the program. 

  1. Once approved, post eligible links on your site. 

  1. Send customers to through your links and you will be paid for completed sales on eligible products via AvantLink. 

  1. Track your clicks and commissions through AvantLink interface. 


Program Details 

  • A 30-day cookie duration 

  • Up to 15% Commission based on new and returning customers 

  • Premium Commission Rates of 10%+ Available for Performance and Placement Opportunities 

  • Content Partners starting at 5.5% Commission rate for new customers 

  • Coupon/Deal/Sub Affiliate Networks/Loyalty/3rd Party Tool Sites starting at 2.5% Commission 

  • Access to official banners, text links, & our product data feed 

  • Dedicated program management 

  • Monthly newsletters that keep you informed of the latest Tactics news and promotions 


TACTICS Affiliate Advantage 

  • Our Low-Price Guarantee offer ensures a competitive price 

  • Free Shipping in the US! 

  • Regular sales and customer discount promotions 

  • Access to official banners, text links, & our product data feed 

  • Dedicated program management, an expert team is available to answer questions and help you succeed 

  • You'll have access to a Program Manager to work directly with you and your account. 

Join the Network! 


* Deal and coupon sites subject to lower commission rates.

* Some limited brand exclusions apply.


Welcome to our community, please find the following information to ensure your success. We require that all affiliate publishers adhere to the following terms of service. 



These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) apply to your (“you” or “Affiliate Partner(s)”) participation in Tactics’ affiliate marketing program (“Program”). This Program is designed for Affiliate Partners to receive commission on Qualifying Products from Qualifying Links to In participating in Tactics’ Program, you agree to these Terms. 

1. Enrollment and Eligibility. Affiliate Partners must complete an application available through or through Avantlink. Tactics reserves the right to reject or revoke any application at any time. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to join this Affiliate Program. By submitting an application to participate in this Affiliate Program, you agree that all information that you provide to Tactics and/or Avantlink is accurate. 

2. License to Tactics Content. While participating in this Program, Tactics grants the Affiliate Partner a non-transferable and revocable license to use Tactics’ name, logo, and images made available through the Affiliate Program solely for the purpose of advertising qualifying products offered on Tactics reserves the right to the advertising materials licensed under these Terms. Partners may not represent themselves as Partners who are not authorized dealers are prohibited from representing themselves as such in marketing any of the brands we supply, through PPC or other marketing channels. 

3. Payments.  

(a) Tactics offers Commission payments are based on the product’s final sale amount, after eligible coupons are applied but exclude shipping, taxes, charitable donations, and other fees. Commissions attributable to an Affiliate Partner are paid directly by the Affiliate Network. Partners receive credit for a sale after meeting the following criteria: a) customer purchases through the Tactics’ website (orders placed through customer service or instore are not eligible for commissions) b) the conversion occurred based on Tactics’ last click attribution model c) the conversion happened within the cookie window (30 days) d) the click was through a Qualifying Link containing our affiliate tracking code e) items purchased are Qualifying Products under commission rules. Returned and canceled orders will not be eligible to earn commissions. Commission rates are subject to change at Tactics’ reasonable discretion and without prior notice to the Affiliate Partner.  

(b) Last Click Attribution. Commissions are based on Tactics’ “last-click” attribution as determined exclusively by the internal reporting of Tactics in its sole discretion. “Last-click” attribution means the purchase occurred during the customer’s last attributable interaction.  

(c) Qualifying Link. A “Qualifying Link” means a link from your website or social media to using one of the URLs, deep links, or banner links provided by Tactics or through the Affiliate Network for use in the Program that ensure link tracking of visitors. Only Qualifying Links generated by the Affiliate Network will be tracked to determine eligible commissions. 

(d) Qualifying Products. Affiliate Partner will track sales made to customers who purchase qualifying products using qualified links and report sales activity through the Affiliate Network.  A Qualifying Product is a product determined by Tactics to be eligible for commission. Tactics is not responsible for incorrectly formatted links or links to ineligible products. 

(e) Ineligible Products. Tactics exclude ineligible products from the Program in its discretion or based on requests by the brand partners. Gift certificates are excluded and not eligible for commission payments. 

4. Payment Reversal. Tactics may reverse commissions on a sale if a product was returned or cancelled, is an ineligible product, or an unauthorized coupon code was used. Tactics maintains the right to modify transactions/commissions to align with these Terms. 

5. Sub-Affiliate Networks. Tactics does not prohibit sub-affiliate network, but Affilate Partner must maintain transparently and provide any sub-affiliate detail requests and ensure that all sub-affiliates comply with these Terms. Tactics reserves the right to reverse or waive any commissions from sales made through any sub-affiliate that does not comply with these Terms.  

6. Search Policy. Tactics does not prohibit affiliate partners from PPC bidding in Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing or Microsoft Advertising (Bing) or any other search engine. However, Partners may not bid on Tactics, or any trademarks, misspellings or variations of our trademarked company name. These include, but are not limited to:, tactics boardshop, tactics board shop, tacticsoregon, tacticseugene, tacticsportland, tacticsbend. Bidding on Tactics related coupon terms (ex: Tactics Coupons) are prohibited. Ad Text, Creative or Copy cannot include trademark or coupon keywords or terms. 

All Partners PPC ads must direct to a Partners domain and may not include Partners must have a URL that does not contain, trademarked brand names or any misspellings or variations of Tactics or trademarked names. This is inclusive of paid search and Display. 

7. Comparison Shopping Engines: Partners are prohibited from syndicating Tactics product to comparison shopping engines or other partners without prior written consent from Tactics. 

8. Email: All email communication representing Tactics must be pre-approved by Tactics. All emails must be CANSPAM compliant. 

9. Social Media: Affiliate Partners agree not to conduct a social media account or hashtag incorporating Tactics or trademarks. Partners will refrain from tagging Tactics on social media sites or posting promotional messages in the comment section of Tactics official social media channels without receiving written permission. 

10. Coupon Usage: Any site that ranks in organic search for any variants of "tactics" + "coupon", (e.g. "coupon code", "promo code") or related terms can be revoked or set to a 0% commission rate. Partners are prohibited from misrepresenting Tactics promotions including coupon offers, shipping offers and discounts. Partners must remove expired promotion codes or coupons in a timely manner. Partners are encouraged to use technology that will automate updates with the appropriate promotion to ensure promotion start and end dates. Partners agree to remove any coupon from your website or social media channels upon our request. Non-compliance may result in being revoked from the program and reversal of commission payments. 

11. Removal. Tactics will deny or remove affiliates that operate a website or link to websites that contain or promote any of the following content: gambling, adult/sexually explicit, abusive, violent, hate-speech, or any other content that we consider offensive and/or inappropriate. 

12. Privacy Rights. By joining the Affiliate Program, you respect the privacy of customers including information collection best practices. In compliance with FTC guidelines and any other applicable regulations, you provide clarity on the collection, use, and sharing of information gathered from your transactions.  

13. Termination: Breaches to these Terms, as reasonably determined by Tactics’ may result in immediate termination from the Affiliate Program. Tactics will not be liable for commissions posted after the date of termination and will reverse any commissions through the Affiliate Network after termination date. Tactics is not liable for any loss or damages sustained by Affiliate Partners that result from termination. 

14. Waiver. Tactics’ failure to enforce any provision of these Terms will not be a waiver of its rights to enforce the provision afterward.  

Last Updated: 3/8/2024.