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RIDE-ON Recycling Program

Reducing waste. Creating opportunities. 

Working with our partners at BRING Recycling, one of the nation's oldest non-profit recyclers, we’re turning unwanted skate items back into usable goods that will help provide jobs, resources, and training to community members while simultaneously reducing waste and spreading the joy of skateoarding even further.




Re-Made Goods

Using the beautiful wood from broken skate decks, we’ll be remanufacturing this important resource into items such as keychains, coat racks, coasters, and jewlery. These items will be sold locally at our retail shops. 


Re-Ride Boards

All donated gear that still has some skate-life left will be collected and reassembled into rideable, complete skateboards. These boards will then be available for a very reasonable price at BRING’s store, creating a low-cost alternative a brand-new complete and allowing more opportunities for less fortunate community memebers to step foot on a board of their own.


50+ Years Of Giving Back

Inspired by the first Earth Day, BRING Recycling was started the same year in 1971 by a group of volunteers who wanted to do something about waste in the Eugene and Springfield area. The group collected over 400 tons of glass the first year and has been at the forefront of making recycling a core value in our local community ever since.

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