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Guide to Longboarding

Longboard Buying Guides


Longboarding Buying Guide

Just getting into longboarding or buying a gift for somebody? Take a look through our longboard buying guides to understand sizing, construction and ride styles when it comes to purchasing a longboard for casually cruising the streets or participating in high-speed downhill racing. 

Longboard Buying Guide

Deck Buying Guide

Truck Buying Guide

Wheel Buying Guide


Longboard Accessories Guide


Longboard Accessories

Replacing or upgrading parts on your longboard? Browse through our guides to choosing new bushings, bearings, and accessories so you can confidently buy the right parts for your style and riding needs.

Guide to Longboard Bearings

Guide to Longboard Bushings

Helmet & Safety Guide

Guide to Longboard Accessories


How-To Articles


Longboard How To Articles

Need to perform some routine maintenance, or bought new parts and want to make sure you put everything together right? Check out our detailed how-to guides so you can master building and maintaining your longboard.

Assembling a Longboard

How to Grip a Deck

How to Clean Bearings

How to Change Wheels