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Bucks For Hucks


In our first event in nearly two years, we stoked out the Eugene skate community with our cash for tricks event, Bucks for Hucks. The event was held at Washington Jefferson Skatepark where we tossed out $100 on five sections of the park. If you landed a trick that got us stoked, you got a fiver. 

We kicked things off on the Euro gap to get warmed up. With a total of $500 on the line, chaos quickly ensued. The snake session atmosphere and smell of fresh cash in the air had the skaters putting it all on the line. The cash quickly dried up at the Euro and it was time for the next spot.  

The Love Park-inspired kicker got things fired up. Notable ripping here included Zach Bird’s switch frontside 360, Noah Steeves late backfoot flip, and Dare Adkins steezy heelflip.  

Then it was time for mini bowl mayhem. Over forty skaters crowded the decks, eagerly waiting for the perfect time to drop in, get their trick, and bring home some cash. After multiple tricks going down at once, flat bottom collisions, and high-speed coping assaults, it was time for some free pizza courtesy of Sizzle Pie.

Feeling re-energized and with stomachs full of pizza, the skaters were ready for the fast trick challenge, no digestion time needed. They had to drop in on the tall bank wall and do a flatground trick going as fast as they could on the slippery concrete. Let’s just say this produced enough footage for a separate bail reel. 

To finish out the afternoon we moved to the 8-stair where the big dogs put on a show and really hucked for those bucks. After awarding the last $5 bill, we tossed out the remaining product from our sponsors to end the day with some extra stoke. 

We’re thankful for everyone who attended and look forward to hosting another rad event!

And a special thanks goes out to our event partners:

Santa Cruz
Bronson Speed Co.
Powell Peralta
Bones Bearings
Sizzle Pie


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