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Levi's Pull Up On The Spot Recap



What's left to be said of the Levi's Pull Up On The Spot event other than "When are we doing it again?!" We abandoned the standard contest format and took it back to the 90s with a good ol' fashioned junk jam at the basketball courts next to WJ, and it just might've been the most fun event we've ever had under the bridge.


Winner's Circle, Mason Bucknell and Ricky Hatfield

Strategy Meeting

Reed's back foot lookin' crazy but we're pretty sure he rolled away from this one

Tim McCoy taking out the trash with this Timmyhana

MC Nicky P nose manny in between heats

6th Place in 14 & Under division, Isaiah "Didn't Write His Last Name Clearly"

Proud Papa moment, Mike Bucknell with 4th Place in 14 & Under, Max Bucknell

3rd Place 14 & Under, Rubie Winterburn and Josh Matthews

Ball out, youngblood. 2nd Place 14 & Under, Sammy Pecora

Proud Papa Moment #2, Mike Bucknell and 1st Place 14 & Under, Mason Bucknell

Most 90s Dude, Ricky Hatfield with the 2nd Place finish in the Open Division

Busted out the broom for the sweep! 1st Place Open Division AND 1st Place Wallride Contest Winner, Colin Crespino with Josh Matthews

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