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Where's Oswald 9.0 Special Delivery Shape Skateboard Deck

Size: 9.0 Size Chart
Grip Tape:
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Size: 9.0
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Being one of the most mystifying events in human history, there is an endless sea of theories surrounding the assassination of JFK in Dealey Plaza back on November 22, 1963. From the perplexing details of the Zapruder film to the infamous “umbrella man,” the images captured on film that day seem to only beg more questions than give answers. In the new “Where’s Oswald” graphic, we present yet another hotly debated image captured seconds before the assassination showing a figure standing in the doorway of the Texas Schoolbook Depository that not only looks eerily similar to Lee Harvey Oswald, he’s even wearing the dark jumpsuit he was captured in later that day. But if Oswald is supposed to be up on the 6th floor of the Book Depository pulling the trigger only 1-2 seconds after this photo was shot, how could he also be seen standing in the doorway at the same time? It’s yet another mystery to add in the mix for the one of the most mysterious moments of all time.

Deck Shape
  • Shaped Deck
  • Traditional 7-Ply
  • Special Delivery Shape

Traditional 7-Ply - Traditional for a reason. Standard 7-ply wood construction gives you a deck that's durable, sturdy and poppy without breaking the bank.

Width (in):9.0
Length (in):31.5
Wheelbase (in):14.375
Nose (in):6.375
Tail (in):6.625
Concave (in):.375

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