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Top 10 Best All Mountain Snowboards of 2023-2024

Best All Mountain Snowboards

So you are looking into buying an all-mountain snowboard? Well, you have come to the right place. We have assembled a collection of the best all-mountain snowboards for you to choose from. These boards have been hand-picked for you based on their versatility and overall performance. All mountain snowboards are designed to be the one board that will hold its own everywhere on the mountain. These boards will handle it all through high speeds, deep snow, park laps, and everything else the mountain has to throw at you.

When looking at all-mountain snowboards, you will find a few common factors. The first is that they host a directional or directional twin shape for those who like the option to ride switch. Secondly, all-mountain snowboards feature a medium to stiff flex pattern with the designed intent of charging through variable conditions across the mountain. If that sounds like something you want, look no further. 

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1. K2 Passport


The K2 Passport reigns as the ultimate all-rounder, seamlessly transitioning from backcountry exploration to graceful resort carving with remarkable ease. Its construction is meticulously designed, emphasizing elements that prioritize precision and responsiveness, offering the confidence required to conquer the mountain.

Notably, the K2 Passport is elevated by the inclusion of a 4000 Sintered Base, renowned for being the fastest natural base material available. This remarkable feature guarantees an impressive glide across diverse terrains, infusing an extra layer of speed into your adventures.


Camber with Rocker


K2Landscape Passport 2024$549.95Shop

2. Nitro Alternator


A product of the collective brilliance between Tactics team rider Jared Elston and fellow Nitro team rider Griffin Siebert, the Alternator is a true game-changer in the realm of all-mountain freestyle performance. Redefining the very essence of an all-mountain freestyle board, this exceptional creation combines full camber, a slight taper, and a setback stance.

The result is a meticulously engineered design that stands as a testament to its prowess in conquering natural terrain. For those seeking to elevate their mountain conquests to unprecedented levels, embracing the unwavering power of the Alternator is an undeniable choice.




NitroAlternator 2024$579.95Shop

3. Capita Auronaut


Introducing the Capita X Arthur Longo Aeronaut, the latest addition to Capita's distinguished lineup. A collaborative effort with renowned side-hit king and Capita team rider, Arthur Longo, this board is a directional all-mountain marvel boasting a medium to stiff flex, meticulously designed to tackle the mountain's every challenge.

A standout feature of the Aeronaut lies in its remarkable lightweight construction, a testament to Capita's cutting-edge innovation. The core construction, aptly named the PANDA HOVER CORE™, combined with Bamboo Power Rods™, expertly strikes a balance between strength, durability, and reduced weight. This strategic combination empowers you to navigate and conquer all terrains with effortless finesse.


Camber with Flat

CAPiTAArthur Longo Aeronaut 2024$649.95Shop

4. Capita D.O.A


The Defenders Of Awesome stands as a timeless masterpiece. The folks at Capita created a versatile all-mountain snowboard that is equipped to conquer any terrain, embodying cutting-edge innovations like Fortress™ Aramid Bound Sidewalls and the high-velocity Quantum Drive™ base.

Earning its place a the top of our list, the DOA epitomizes the exceptional quality and reliable performance you expect from an all-mountain snowboard.


Camber with Flat

CAPiTADOA 2024$549.95Shop

5. Lib Tech Cold Brew


The Cold Brew sets a new standard for easy-riding with its impressive all-terrain performance capabilities. Its C2 hybrid profile effortlessly combines a vibrant rocker with responsive camber underfoot, resulting in an engaging ride that's both playful and lively.

Prepare for a journey that's reminiscent of a surge of caffeine, thanks to the board's shape and flex that empower you to confidently conquer diverse terrains and features.


Rocker with Camber

Lib TechCold Brew C2 2024$549.99Shop

6. Capita Mega Mercury


Meet the Mega Mercury, an epitome of versatility crafted for those resort riders who thrive on chasing a 100-day season. This snowboard is the embodiment of adaptability, seamlessly conquering every type of terrain. Its ingenious construction features the advanced Starship Core™, MegaCarbon™, and Megalite Skin™ top sheet technologies, all finely tuned to provide an exceptional ride.

This board isn't just versatile; it's the ultimate utilitarian companion, ensuring you're ready to shred with confidence regardless of the conditions or challenges that come your way. Whether you're carving up groomers, navigating through powder, or pushing your limits in the park, the Mega Mercury is the snow-slaying device that delivers a superior performance, all season long.


Directional Camber with Rocker


CAPiTAMega Mercury 2024$799.95Shop

7. Burton Family Tree Power Wagon


Engineered to excel in powder while embracing an all-mountain prowess, this snowboard is a true gem from Burton. Its optimal blend of camber, directional twin shape, and rocker profile make it a force to be reckoned with in powder conditions. But the versatility doesn't stop there – this board shines across all terrains, thanks to its well-crafted directional shape and medium flex.

Adding to its performance, Burton's innovative 45° Carbon Highlights Fiberglass technology incorporates a tip-to-tail carbon layer, resulting in reduced weight and finely-tuned torsional response. It's this level of craftsmanship and dedication to quality that firmly positions this board at the top of our all-mountain favorites.


Directional Camber with Rocker


BurtonFamily Tree Hometown Hero$669.95Shop

8. Ride Warpig


Introducing the RIDE War Pig, a true game-changer in the snowboarding realm, engineered to conquer all-mountain terrain with unparalleled versatility and power. With its unique and compact short and wide shape, the War Pig ushers in exceptional stability, agility, and flotation. This makes it the ultimate choice for riders in search of an aggressive and highly responsive experience.

The War Pig's robust construction, coupled with the impact of Carbon Array 5™ laminates, guarantees remarkable edge hold and pop, while the Quadratic Sidecut ensures every turn is both precise and fluid. Whether you're navigating deep powder, tackling steep slopes, or carving hardpack, the War Pig charges forth with relentless vigor.


Directional Flat with Rocker

RideWarpig 2024$549.95Shop

9. Jones Frontier


Meet the Frontier, a hybrid camber board meticulously crafted to serve as the ultimate daily companion for all-mountain enthusiasts. Whether you're aiming to conquer hardpack or navigate choppy terrains, effortlessly glide through the park, or tap into your playful and surfy side when the snow gets deep, the Frontier rises to the occasion.

Combining a floaty freeride nose with a freestyle tail, this board sets the standard for versatile all-terrain performance, paving the way for your all-mountain exploration.


Directional Camber with Rocker

JonesFrontier 2024$499.95Shop

10. Salomon Dance Haul



Discover the Dancehaul, a versatile unisex freeride board that harmonizes a medium flex, striking the perfect balance between playfulness and responsiveness. Engineered with Salomon's innovative Rock Out Camber profile, this board boasts a flat underfoot foundation, ensuring unparalleled stability.

Complementing this, the incorporation of camber zones near your feet enhances both pop and control, creating a dynamic and engaging ride. Embark on a downhill journey of movement and rhythm with this directional plank that caters to the artistry of the mountain.


Flat with Camber


SalomonDancehaul 2024$499.95Shop


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