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Best Snowboard Bindings | Tactics Picks For 2020

Snowboard bindings are a critical piece of snowboard equipment that can drastically change the ride and response of your snowboard. Bindings come in a variety of flex ratings and configurations but all aim to provide the power and leverage needed for laying down a carve or slashing around in powder. Luckily for you, we handpicked some of our favorite styles and brands to give you a list of the best snowboard bindings on the market for the 2020 winter season. Shopping made easy with all the best styles, brands and tech features in one place.  

Best Snowboard Bindings

Best Park & Freestyle Snowboard Bindings

  1. Union Contact Pro
  2. Burton Malavita
  3. Union Flite Pro

Best All-Mountain Snowboard Bindings

  1. Union Force
  2. Union Strata
  3. Burton Cartel

Best Freeride Snowboard Bindings

  1. Jones Apollo
  2. Burton Genesis
  3. Union Falcor



UnionContact PropinkShop Now

Designed and endorsed by Gigi Rüf, the Contact Pro is a top of the line freestyle binding that offers minimal board to binding contact for a playful, yet responsive freestyle performance.

  • Flex Rating: 5-6
  • Forma Ankle Strap
  • Aluminum Ratchets
  • Ultragrip Toe Strap
  • Mini Disk
  • Thermoformed Eva Baseplate Damping




BurtonMalavitaspicy salmonShop Now

A pro favorite for its versatility, the Malavita has carved out a reputation as one of the best all-mountain freestyle bindings on the market. 

  • Flex Rating: 5-7
  • Canted Living Hinge™ Hi-Back
  • Asym Hammock Strap™
  • Supergrip Capstrap™
  • Doule Take Buckles
  • Re:Flex™




UnionFlite ProwhiteShop Now

The Flite Pro is a go-to for riders of all ability levels. Lightweight construction and premium materials make this one of our best selling bindings year after year. 

  • Flex Rating: 3-4
  • Aluminum Heelcup
  • Classic Ankle Strap
  • Ultragrip Toe Strap
  • Aluminum Ratchets
  • Thermoformed EVA Basplate Damping




UnionForceteam force ice white$174.95Shop Now

Built for 100+ days a season, the Force delivers durability and pure all-mountain performance with unmatched comfort and dependability you can trust.  

  • Flex Rating: 5-7
  • Classic Pro Ankle Strap
  • Ultragrip Toe Strap
  • Magnesium Ratchets
  • Aluminum Heelcup
  • Classic Flad




UnionStratateam hazard yellowShop Now

Blending freestyle performance with all-mountain dependability, the Strata was built with comfort, response and board feel in mind for riding a variety of terrain.  

  • Flex Rating: 5-6
  • Fused Vaporlite Bushing
  • Magnesium Ratchets
  • Forma Elite Ankle Strap
  • Hexgrip Toe Strap
  • Push-Pin Flad
  • Mini Disk




BurtonCartel 2020blue haze$195.95Shop Now

Standing the test of time, the Cartel is a staple in the Burton line up and continues to be a go-to for riders looking for a durable, responsive and versatile set of all-mountain bindings. 

  • Flex Rating: 6-8
  • Living Hinge™ Forward Lean
  • Hammockstrap™ 2.0
  • Supergrip Capstrap™ 2.0
  • Smooth Glide™ Buckles
  • Re:Flex™ 




JonesApolloblackShop Now

Blending unrivaled support and board feel, the Apollo is a premium freeride binding that packs the strength and response needed to ride technical terrain. 

  • Flex Rating: 7
  • Flip-It Ankle Strap
  • Now Skate Tech™
  • Asym Carbon/Flax Hi-Back
  • EVA Padding
  • Toolless Adjustment
  • Flushcup Technology




BurtonGenesisblack/frostShop Now

Built to provide unmatched comfort and support, the Genesis is packed with the strength and power that any intermediate-to-advanced rider is sure to appreciate. 

  • Flex Rating: 5-7
  • Re:Flex™
  • Kick Back Hammock Hi-Back
  • Hammockstrap™ Ankle Strap
  • Supergrip Capstrap™ 2.0




UnionFalcorblack plasmaShop Now

Designed for the dynamic riding of Travis Rice, the Falcor integrates powerful and responsive materials for a binding that is precise and full of energy and control. 

  • Flex Rating: 7-8
  • Forged Hybrid Hi-Back
  • Fused Vaporlite Bushing
  • Hex Direct Ankle Strap
  • Hex Grip Toe Strap
  • Magnesium Ratchets





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