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Friends Film Friends | Social Distance Snowboarding


With resorts closing early due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Portland shop staff Kevin Holmes and friends took to the woods of Mt.Hood for some isolated boarding activities. From flowing rhythm sections to hand-built hips and sketchy tree jibs, the crew did not let the fact that the lifts stopped spinning put a damper on their season. Read what inspired the video below and hit that play button above to get hyped for next season. 


"We decided that we didn't want to do the basic setups by hauling road construction garbage out into the Mt. Hood wilderness and doing some dinky jibs (although everything in the edit is relatively dinky and we did find one tube left out there to set up) rather, we wanted to build something more creative, a little different from the average setup you'd see out there. We kind of met somewhere in the middle of the trash piles and the "Sangwich/CHUUCH" death jibs. We preferred something fun enough to get some friends up to come socially distance and get out of the house. So we spent those three weeks building, riding, and camping out, removing ourselves from the rest of society, news, social media, and the mountains status quo." - Kevin Holmes


Featuring: Nicky McMillan, Cassidy McDowell, Reny Simon, Brian Walther, Matt Robinson, Jagger Heckman, Taylor Rydman, Cody James, Kevin Holmes

Filmed by: Cody James, Brian Walther, Ian Wieczorek, Kevin Holmes

Edit: Cody James