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New Balance Numeric 345 Wear Test Review

If it ain't broke then don't fix it. But if you can take something good and make it even better, then go for it. That's exactly what New Balance Numeric did with their new 345 skate shoes. An updated version of the Brighton 344, the 345 sports a thicker Abzorb+ insole for superior impact protection. Reinforced one-piece toe construction provides exceptional flick and durability. The classic honeycomb grip is reinforced in the high-wear areas of the heel and toe for a grippy sole that stays grippy over time.

Our customer service manager, James Davis, tested out a pair and thought they were a little stiffer out of the box than most vulcanized shoes, but they were good to go after a quick break-in period. He also noted that while the toe took a few weeks to tear through, the hole in the toe started to spread quickly once it started. The outsole was still holding up great, so he patched the inside of the hole with stickers and kept on skating. James recommends this shoe to anyone who wants the impact protection of a cupsole without sacrificing the board control and feel of a vulcanized shoe. Click the link below to grab a pair for yourself!


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