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Nitro T1 2017 Snowboard - Wear Test & Review

The 2017 Nitro T1 Snowboard is soft flexing and designed with the park rider in mind but is also a great option for someone who wants to ride the whole mountain. Despite having a slightly forgiving flex, the positive camber allows the board to remain centered and solid on hard landings. The thick and durable rail killer edge combined with the slight lift of reverse camber on the nose and tail makes the T1 a great option for the park rider that is trying to step up his or her rail game as well as a great option for beginners who are still learning how to carve.

Tactics employee Kyle Richner took the 2017 Nitro T1 Snowboard up to Mt. Bachelor for a wear test and review. With blue skies, warm weather, and soft snow it was a near perfect day for testing out park boards. “What I like the most about the T1 is how easy it is to ride. Generally, when I do board reviews it can take a run or two to get use to a snowboard. The T1 felt great from the moment I strapped in. The camber between the feet and the slight rocker made the board ride like a very forgiving flat board.” Check out Kyle’s complete wear test and review above.




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