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éS Footwear Arc Wear Test Review

éS Footwear has a long history of producing technologically advanced shoes, the Arc is no different.

Tactics team rider James Sisneroz took a pair out to Springfield skatepark to test them out and he was hyped, referring to them as the "ultimate vulcanized shoe." The little Thermothane bumps on the toe provide added durability and are exclusive to the Arc, making it stand out in a line of stand-out shoes. One-piece toe construction extends the lifetime of the shoe while the minimal lacing system prevents ripped laces. Combine that with the same 400 NBS rubber vulcanized outsoles from the Accel SQ, and you have a clean, low-profile shoe with excellent board control, durability and flex. Overall, the shoes offered great comfort, board feel and flick, with durability where it counts. After three weeks of shredding, James managed to rip a hole on the surface of the ollie area but it didn't tear all the way through. He doesn't recommend the Arc for jumping down big things, but loved it for low-impact, technical skating. Click the blue button below to grab a pair for yourself!


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