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BLM Murals | Tactics Portland


Our Portland shop recently had some damage done to its windows, so we decided to spruce the place up a bit the best way we could. Come out to see and share the amazing work done by a collection of local artists and check out more of their artwork through their profiles below. Special shoutout to shop staff Kevin Nimick, Kevin Holmes, and Jen Minor for gracing the shop with their own pieces.


Artist: Kevin Holmes (@_kingkrust_)

Artists: Left: Jen Minor (@bunneydsdiary) Right: Kevin Nimick (@kevinnimick)

Photo: Andrew Wallner (@and_rew_and_you)

Tommy Guerrero. Photo: Joshua Curry (@lucidbeaming)

Artists: Shaun Kosoy (@shaunkosoy) & Zach Mckinley (@zamckinley)

Artist: Danielle Clark (@danielleclarkecreative)

Artists: Jen Minor (@bunneydsdiary)


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