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Woodward Tahoe | Tactics Team Takeover

Summer skate camp is pretty hard to beat, especially when you have free reign of Woodward Tahoe's multiple skateparks, foam pits, jam rooms, and trampolines. We cruised down with team riders Dalton Dern, Anakin Senn, Austin Thongvivong, and Alex Lobasyuk for a week with campers from around the country. From tossing out prizes and stacking clips, to poaching runs on the snow hill, we had almost as much fun as the campers. Big thanks to Woodward for hosting our crew and photographer Mike Dawson for snapping some additional angles. Can't wait 'till next year! See you there?


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Dalton Dern, Tree Bash to Fakie | p. Druckrey

Austin Thongvivong, FS Tail Slide | p. Druckrey

Anakin Senn, BS Nose Grind | p. Druckrey

Dalton Dern, Ollie | p. Dawson

Alex Lobasyuk, Kickflip | p. Dawson

Dalton Dern, 5-0 | p. Druckrey

Dalton Dern, Four on the Ceiling | p. Dawson


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