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Guide to Snowboarding

Snowboard Gear Buying Guides


Snowboard Buying Guide

Just getting into snowboarding or buying a gift for somebody? Take a look through our snowboard buying guides to understand the in's and out's of purchasing new equipment. Our guides quickly explain correct sizing, styles, features to make shopping for new gear a breeze.

Best In Snow 2024: Gear Guide

Snowboard Buying Guide

Binding Buying Guide

Boot Buying Guide

Snowboard Sizing Chart

Goggle Buying Guide


Types of Snowboard Gear


Choosing Snowboard Gear

Upgrading or replacing your gear? Looking to try out a new camber profile or boot style? Browse through our guides to determine which type of board, boot, and bindings are best for your skill and ride style needs. 

Types of Snowboards

Camber Profiles Explained

Types of Snowboard Boots 

Types of Snowboard Bindings 

What to Wear Snowboarding


How-To Articles


Snowboard How To

Need to perform some routine maintenance, or looking to start tuning your snowboard at home? Check out our detailed how-to guides so you can master waxing, tuning and maintaining your snowboard at home with basic tools and techniques. 

How To Set Up a Snowboard

How To Wax a Snowboard 

How To Tune a Snowboard

Snowboard Storage & Care