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Lib Tech Snowboards 2019 | Rider Reviews

For winter 2018/2019, you will find a handful of new models as well as all the Lib Tech classics you know and love at Tactics. From the tried and true T.Rice Pro, to the versatile Attack Banana, there is a board for every level of rider to enjoy. New to the line for winter 2018/2019, Lib Tech introduces the T.Rice Orca and MC Way Finder, two boards that excel in the powder and allow riders to step down in size for increased maneuverability and edge response without sacrificing float in the deep stuff. 

For taller individuals or riders with bigger boots sizes, Lib Tech has you covered with the classic Skunk Ape and the all-new Stump Ape. Featuring Horsepower Construction, the Stump Ape is a short and wide pow board designed for technical tree runs and bottomless powder. With a 28.1cm waist width and a ton of surface area, this board ensures zero toe drag and maximum float for even the biggest Skunk Ape. 

Scroll down and check out all our rider reviews of the 2018/2019 Lib Tech snowboards that can be found at Tactics.


Lib Tech Stump Ape 2019 Snowboard

The Stump Ape is an ultra-wide, directional powder board with an insanely big surface area for its size. This creates a more stable platform to allow bigger riders to step down from their regular board size to a shorter, lighter board that's more maneuverable and easier on the front foot on rides up the chairlift. The thin tip Horsepower Construction offers a smooth, damp ride that's complemented by the aggressive C2X hybrid profile blending the loftiness and float of rocker with the pop and reliable edge hold of traditional camber. 


2019 Lib Tech Stump Ape Snowboard

Lib Tech Dough Boy Shredder 2019 Snowboard

Featuring original first-year graphics from Mark Gale, the Dough Boy Shredder is the brainchild of Mike Olson and is 195cm of pure all-mountain fun. Featuring Lib Techs C3 camber profile and signature Magne-Traction serrated edge grip technology, this rugged, freestyle classic looks big and rides easy. With a twin elliptical sidecut and wide waist width, this board carves like dream and is able to accommodate riders with larger boot sizes. The Dough Boy Shredder is a must have in your quiver.

2019 Lib Tech Dough Boy Shredder Snowboard

Lib Tech T.Rice Orca 2019 Snowboard Rider Review

New for 2019, the Lib Tech Orca is a short and wide pow board that has been rigorously tested by the man himself, Travis Rice. Designed to slash powder both in the resort and out in the backcountry, the Orca features Original Power construction and a long nose to keep this shorter pow stick afloat. With the intermediate to advanced rider in mind, the mid-stiff flex of the C2X camber profile allows this board to a versatile daily driver that trenched groomers and handles powder with ease. 


2019 Lib Tech T.Rice Orca Snowboard

Lib Tech Attack Banana 2019 Snowboard Rider Review


The Attack Banana is a quiver killer. Designed with all levels of riders in mind, this board will handle anything you throw at it. Featuring Horsepower Construction and Lib Techs C2E camber profile, the Attack Banana offers effortless control in all conditions. From resort park laps to side country pillow lines it is no wonder that this board is the go-to for Lib Tech team rider Phil Hansen and anyone else looking for one board to get the job done. 


2019 Lib Tech Attack Banana Snowboard

Lib Tech Cold Brew 2019 Snowboard Rider Review


Freeride focused and freestyle ready, the Lib Tech Cold Brew is a powerful directional board that allows riders the freedom to ride the mountain however they please. Featuring Lib Techs Original Power Construction and C2 camber profile, the Cold Brew has the perfect balance of float and power for slashing pow and charging through crud. From cruising groomer and side hits to adventuring out into the backcountry, the Cold Brew is built with no limitations. 


2019 Lib Tech Cold Brew Snowboard

Lib Tech EJack Knife 2019 Snowboard Rider Review


From park laps to deep backcountry lines, the EJack Knife handles everything with ease thanks to its directional shape and slim tip and tail profile. Built with Horsepower Construction, this board packs a ton of pop and response and is a great option for any intermediate-to-advanced all-mountain freestyle rider. With mild taper and a directional shape, this board has all the float you need for deep days, while the C3 camber profile provides snap and response for stomping landings and riding out of technical lines. 


2019 Lib Tech EJack Knife Snowboard

Lib Tech T.Rice Pro 2019 Snowboard Rider Review


2019 Lib Tech T.Rice Pro Blunt Snowboard

2019 Lib Tech T.Rice Pro Pointy Snowboard


Anyone who has seen Travis Rice on a snowboard knows he's an elite, all-terrain ripper. It's no surprise that his pro model was built to keep up with the man himself. Designed with intermediate-to-advanced riders mind, this directional freestyle machine has a medium-stiff flex rating and C2 camber profile that is ready to rip the whole mountain. Available in two shapes and a ton of sizes to choose from, picking out the perfect all-terrain board is simple, the T.Rice Pro.

Lib Tech T. Rice Gold Member 2019 Snowboard Review


Designed by Travis Rice and the experts at Mervin Manufacturing, the Gold Member is a lightweight, directional, all-mountain charger. Featuring the C2X hybrid profile, Firepower construction, and Magnetraction edges, this board is made for any intermediate to advanced rider that is looking to maximize their airtime and maneuverability all over the mountain.


2019 Lib Tech T. Rice Gold Member Snowboard

Lib Tech Jamie Lynn Phoenix Titty Fish C3 2019 Snowboard Rider Review


New for 2019, the Jamie Lynn Phoenix Titty Fish is a powerful all-terrain power slayer for intermediate to advanced riders. Featuring C3 camber and medium-stiff flex, this board packs a ton of pop and response for stomping landing and charging through rough snow conditions. The uniquely shaped nose slices through powder while the tapered profile allows for maximum float and edge response when it is needed most. The Titty Fish is built go where ever you want with aggressive control and effortless precision.


2019 Lib Tech Jamie Lynn Phoenix Titty Fish Snowboard

Lib Tech MC Way finder 2019 Snowboard Rider Review


With 30 years under his belt designing boards, Matt Cummins crafted the MC Wayfinder to effortlessly slash everything in its path. Featuring a medium-stiff flex, this directional board is designed with the intermediate-to-advanced all-mountain rider in mind. With a shorter running length and a wider waist width riders can comfortably downsize without sacrificing float and stability. It doesn't matter if you're trenching out turns at the resort or dropping pillows in the backcountry, the Way Finder is a true all-mountain freestyle board that can handle it all. 


2019 Lib Tech MC Way Finder Snowboard

Lib Tech Skunk Ape 2019 Snowboard Rider Review


Built with big riders in mind, the 2019 Lib Tech Skunk Ape is a wide and directional twin built for riding the whole mountain. Featuring Lib Techs C2 camber profile, Magne-traction, and Horsepower Construction, the Skunk Ape provides bigger riders with the response and power needed to ride big terrain with confidence. With sizes ranging from a 157cm wide to 170cm ultra wide, there is sure to be a size to fit even the biggest boarders.


2019 Lib Tech Skunk Ape Snowboard

Lib Tech Double Dip 2019 Snowboard Review


The Double Dip is a twin, all-terrain freestyle board with a low entry nose and tail that gives you the feel of a longer and more stable board in either direction. Built with intermediate and advanced riders in mind, this responsive board offers enough versatility to drop powder pillows or charge the big jump line.


2019 Lib Tech Double Dip Snowboard



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